My Highlights of January • Photo Diary

We have a little tradition called “Highs and Lows” — we share one (or more pag na carried away!) best and worst moments of our day, talk about them, and then end the conversation with a prayer. In a way I get to treasure my highs even more, rethink a better approach for all my lows, and build closer relationships with those I talk to. I love it. And I’d like to bring in half of that tradition here.

The plan is to blog about my monthly highlights. Whether it’s a lipstick, donut, or a funny joke — “What does the P.S. at the end of the letter written by a Filipino stand for? Answer… Porgat Samthing!” Hahaha! Trust me this joke is going to make it on my Highs-and-Lows tonight! And as for last month these are some of my favorites from January:


‘s holiday exclusive products are TDF! Their Snow Fairy scent is something I look forward to every December and January (during their holiday sale).  I got to keep their shower gel which I dread the day na ma-ubos sya, Sparkling Jar & Magic Wand that I keep as decor / room scent, and their super smoothing body conditioner. More photos of LUSH Christmas products launch here.


Got to visit the fancy Marina Bay Spa for the first time for SIP Purified Water‘s cardio MMA / pamper event. I was originally anxious to attend cos I didn’t know if my broken spine can handle the work out (which it didn’t by the way!). The organizers said I’m still welcome to try and see for myself. So in the end I’m proud of myself for trying, and also for having the courage to say no when I realized that I couldn’t finish the work out, since I’ve always find that difficult to do. Full blog post here.

This Paul Rich Rosegold watch is so darn luxurious and gorgeous!

Luna’s first ever campaign shoot for Calyxta, which didn’t go so smoothly (she was so kulit at the studio!), but it still ended up being one of the most memorable experience I have with Luna. Story, more photos, and her #CalyxtaLoveYourPet campaign here.

My designated glam iPhone 8 Plus case from Casetify. That also makes me feel very Kylie-Jenner-ish since this it’s the same brand that made her and her Kardashian sister’s custom-glitter cases.

This cute ribbon TopShop romper from Zalora gets a lot of compliments from my friends and titas. I also did a post on their moving pop-up store where I first saw its pink version here.

My all time fave micellar water from Loreal. I’ve been using their micellar water since it launched in the Philippines last 2016, full review here.

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