I love LUSH. I know a lot of you who visit my blog feel the same. And rightly so, cos their skincare products are sooo good! If it’s possible for me to take a bath ten times a day just to use more LUSH products I probably would lol! They smell amazing. They are so adorable (just look at the snowman above). Most LUSH products I use are in great quality. Plus the LUSH sales team are one of the friendliest and most helpful girls in the beauty industry. They know their products really well.

I love that they’re also a brand with a purpose. They really care about the environment so they encourage #LUSHIES (people addicted to Lush products — aka you and me) to recycle their own containers. Give back 3 (or was that 4?) empty LUSH black tubs and they’ll give you a free facial mask or cleanser. They also use the iconic LUSH Furoshiki gift wrap where they pre-wrap your gifts with a cute scarf which your friends can later on reuse as headbands or bag charms. They’re also very active with their charity campaigns. This month they’re supporting Haribon which is an organization that helps conserve natural resources. Every time you purchase a Charity Pot Lotion (which btw is one of my favorite LUSH lotions) you help the environment.


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Every holiday season, Lush releases their #LUSHCHRISTMAS line that includes some limited edition scents and designs. And every year I get stuck with the dilemma of which products to buy. I’d honestly get them all if I could, display them at the house, and use them all year long.

One of my favorite Christmas scents is called “Snow Fairy”. It’s a sweet candy scent that makes me feel like I’m park-avenue-princess-Eloise. It comes in a shower gel, bath bomb… and a reusable pink star bubble bar in a stick called Magic Wand. They also have this adorable ala-Olaf bubbleroon called The Snowman which I’m sure moms and their kids would love. And last but definitely not the least is my all time fave Candy Mountain bubbler bar. I buy this every year. It’s basically this pink and white mini mountain… or a unicorn horn, that smells like candy! There are more products that I love from this collection. Ill do a more in depth review of them after my haul soon!

Spot anything you’d love to try?



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