Luna’s First Campaign Shoot

Below: Luna and her huge bed from Bow House



Luma’s first video shoot ever.

Happy Chinese New Year guys! I’m not Chinese by any chance but I thought we’d join in the celebration this year. Not just because of the yummy Tikoys, but most especially cos’ it’s the year of the dog. It’s Luna’s year! And her 2018 started out really well with her first ever video shoot for the #CalyxtaLoveYourPet Campaign. A campaign close to our hearts, which is all about celebrating beauty brands that are cruelty free and animal friendly.

We had so much fun doing the shoot. Mind you, it did not go so smoothly with Luna haha! She was overly excited. When she’s not running around greeting people (Or running away from Casper, the friendliest Samoyed dog who’s basically 50x Luna’s size. He’s soo big!) she’s making pa-cute noises to prompt me to put her down and let her stroll around the studio. It’s amazing how team Calyxta edited her video in such a way that Luna looked so prim and proper! The truth is we even had to use chicken treats to calm her down a bit. The treats were hidden behind the my back, as we shoot!


We ended up really loving the Sweet Potato Munchie from Dogapetreat! So happy that I came across a brand that makes dried dog treat that has all natural ingredients!

Here are some snippets of our memorable day with Calyxta to remember it by. Thanks to her sponsors Bow House, Dog Apetreat, and Pet Warehouse PH. Watch her campaign videos here : Calyxta Love Your Pet & Luna’s Video “Watch This Lil’ Pupper Pray”

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