More drugstore brands have finally joined the Micellar Water game! I have to say “Loreal, why  so late?”. I love MW cleansers. I’ve been using a couple of great but at the same time non-budget-friendly MWs for more than a year now, and although they were sent to me for free , I’ve always dreaded the day I’d have to purchases another bottle again.

Using an expensive cleanser can be a pain especially to those who love exploring makeup way too much (ahem aka me and you). That’s why I’m thrilled to introduced to you these two newly launched Loreal Micellar Water Cleansers that cost only P225 per 250ml bottle. More than half the price of the popular MWs from Avene and Bioderma (price ranging from P700 to P1000)!


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In case you’re not familiar with it yet, Micellar water — the lazy girl’s bestfriend — is a cleansing product that moisturizes and gently removes makeup without the need to rinse after. Loreal came out with two variants; Moisturizing (pink) which has french rose extract for dry and sensitive skin, and Refreshing (blue) which is 95% pure water fit for oily and sensitive types.

I find that the best way to apply it is to use a cotton pad, place it on top of the makeup, and hold it there for at least 5 seconds before wiping it. It removes most makeup fairly well. I use up about 6-8 cotton pads with this MW to cleanse my entire face with makeup on. It’s a bit more than what i use up with Bioderma and Avene, but given that Loreal is waayy cheaper it doesn’t really bother me at all. Like with most MW cleansers, these also have a hard time removing waterproof mascara and other super stubborn matte lippies like the Kylie lip kits, and Sleek mattes lippies. 


loreal micellar water review photo swatches price launch philippinespouf butterfly cotton candy loreal micellar water review photo swatches price launch philippines



I have a combination skin type so i thought i’d fall somewhere in between these two cleansers. At the launch event of this product, the super friendly Loreal skin specialist did a test on my skin and recommended i use the blue bottle for dry skin. My skin sadly reacted to it. The itchy sensation lasted for about 30mins only and two little rashes on my forehead lasted for a day. So i switched to the pink one – Moisturizing (pink) variant, which worked well for me. 

It’s a good cleanser especially for its price range. If you’re going to use it as a cleanser without needing to remove any makeup then you wont have any problem this this. However, if you are going to use it as a makeup remover you might still need to use other stronger makeup removers for waterproof mascaras, and super-opaque-lip-hugging lipsticks. I personally use Loreal all over my face first, then if i do need more makeup removing — i switch to Bioderma to remove my mascara and lipstick. This way i save up :) Have you tried the Loreal Micellar Water Cleansers?

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Disclaimer: These products was given to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 



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