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My goal has always been to maintain my blog’s integrity in every post I publish. I do not accept money in exchange for biased reviews or closely work with brands that I do not love. Some products may have been gifted or sent to me by a brand or PR company in consideration for product reviews but that doesn’t mean that I am obligated to post a positive review of them. I will always give my 100% honest opinion on my reviews. Products that don’t work for me will be stated. However, most of the time these products do not end up being published in my blog so I could make more room and time for products that I do recommend and can benefit my readers. All opinions stated in my blog by me are from my honest point of view and are based on my own personal experiences. My recommendations and reviews are here to aid you as general information and should not be used as the only basis for making decision without seeking other sources of information. Every person is unique, and therefore some products and services that worked for me may not always work as effectively for everybody.


Images and posts on is owned by me, Shayne Naidas, unless stated otherwise. You may view, share, print out, and use my pictures and text for personal, lawful, non-commercial use only. For as long as you ask for my permission first, properly credit, and link back to my site. In cases of any discrepancy, please report and contact me at so my team and I can immediately take the necessary actions. Thank you!


Some links stated in my blog may be affiliated, where in brands or advertisers record the traffic that is sent to their website from my blog. And in return, as a form of gratitude, a commission is taken from the brand and then sent to me.