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Hi, I’m Shayne Naidas – a blogger and digital influencer based in the Philippines. I created this blog around 2013, back when I went through a really rough time. I became medically sick and injured, clinically depressed, and I had severe social anxiety, so I spent most of my years isolated at home (or visiting my doctors). I was looking for things to do to cheer me up when I discovered I love setting up flat lays, taking photos of them, and later on also found my voice as a writer.

So I used those to teach myself to be more positive. I blogged about things that make me, and hopefully anybody else who’s reading my blog, feel good and special — like you, my dear friend, is the “queen of all you see” here. Whether its a review of lipsticks I love, room decor ideas, DIY tutorials, fitness advice, story of my day, and more.

My blog’s main purpose then was to help me push forward and enjoy life despite my challenges and, as I do that, hopefully inspire at least one soul to do so as well. I didn’t really expect it would later on bring me good opportunities to work with brands I love as well as meet, work with, and learn from other talented people in the industry. Which altogether made blogging even more rewarding for me.

Thanks for following along with me on my journey and all the beautiful things and adventures I go through. I hope my blog brightens up your day like it does mine.