Not gonna lie, the first thought that came into my head when I swatched MAC Ruby Woo lipstick at the counter was, “yikes red light district red”. It’s only after I used it on my lips that I realized that it isn’t — excuse the word— the “slutty” shade of red I thought it was. Although it could be, depending on the amount of clothing and what other makeup you wear it with.

For me, Ruby Woo is a seductive red shade that falls in between naughty and classy — kinda like Rihanna who if you didn’t know yet (i’m pretty sure most of you do, it was after all a MAC bestseller) collaborated with MAC before and released a very identical lipstick called Riri Woo.


mac ruby woo lipstick review swatches fotd mac ruby woo vs mac viva glam 1, mac ruby woo lipstick review swatches fotd



It’s the kind of red you’d wanna wear when you “accidentally” bump into your Ex to remind him of what he’s missing — a sophisticated, confident woman who is somehow still secretly affected by the bad breakup, but doesn’t look like it anyway — LOL #dramaticimagination. Not that this happened to me but if it did I would want to wear this bright red *intimidation nation* lipstick (high five if you know which TV show did those words came from!).

This shade gets a lot of compliments. I feel like it would look good on most skintones. It looks a little cool toned on the tube, but I find that when its worn the color adjusts depending on the light you are in. Like it could slightly lean on a warmer red on a sunny day. Either way is beautiful.

Above: “Rihanna” Ruby Woo vs “Audrey Hepburn like” MAC Viva Glam 1.
Both my Holy Grail matte red lipsticks.


mac ruby woo lipstick review swatches fotd shayne naidas mac ruby woo lipstick review swatches fotd



Ruby Woo sits under MAC’s Retro Matte Collection which is known to be super pigmented, very matte, and unfortunately also very drying. And it’s Matte Lipstick 101 to prep moisturize and exfoliate the lips first before application. I personally don’t consider this a deal breaker cos i think, its dry texture is also the reason why its longevity is excellent. I tested this out on my recent “cheat day” dinner at Vikings, and guys, it can survive a buffet! (Some of you saw this on Snapchat) Call me shocked and impressed. I still had to touch up a little to even out the color after six hours or so, but it’s just a minimal touch up.

Overall I highly recommend this lipstick to everyone especially to all the matte lipstick junkies like me, and to anyone who’s into bright bold lipsticks (Diana you’re gonna love this!). If you are a little hesitant to wear this cos it looked too bright, or too intimidating — give it a chance and try it out for a day. This could be that confident booster red lipstick shade you are looking for.

What’s your favorite bright red lipstick?

Available at MAC cosmetics Rustans and some online stores / price varies from PHP950 to PHP1300 / USD17 / MAC Facebook / Instagram



  • Vanessa says:

    YASSSSSS GURL YASSSSS. I LOVE BOTH THESE SHADES but Viva Glam I a slight bit more because I’m all over those darker reds.

    (I had to Google “intimidation nation” so I could be in on this joke….but…I clearly don’t pay enough attention to Tamara)(Also, have you been keeping up with the show since its return?)
    In your dramatic imagination, do you also heavily flip your thick glossy hair, or??

    • Shayne♥ says:

      Hahaha! i am but idk im loosing interest in that show… And with most shows actually like TVD and arrow and PLL. But i am enjoying the originals :) youre gonna like viva glam 1 :)

  • Jackie Harrison says:

    Both shades are stunning Mac sells a great collection of shades.

  • Shireen says:

    It looks amazing on you! I love Ruby Woo and it’s one of my top 3 favourite red lipsticks!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • goodlynlyn says:

    Red suits you so well!

  • Lily Ayala says:

    I see why this is your favorite, it looks amazing on you! I can’t do MAC Retro Matte’s…wish they had this color in a different formula. It’s so hard finding the great red.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  • Anna says:

    You look fantastic with red lippies Shayne! :D Love both shades on you! I’ve always wanted Ruby Woo, but I really don’t need another red in my collection XD

  • Deborah says:

    You know the thing about Mac’s Ruby Woo is that I find it so flattering on a variety of skin tones! My best friend who is Caucasian and pale skinned with cool undertones rocks it as does my Black friend with warm undertones! I love that color on myself too and I can obviously see it looks so fantastic on you! It’s such a perfect retro matte shade that’s a good intro color to those dipping their toes in bright lipsticks!
    Great post! :]

  • Tine Despares says:

    hahhaa love how it looks sis and yes, I think it will suit in any skin color nga! natawa ako sa #dramaticimagination!!!!! omg!!!!! ahahahhaha cant stop thinking,nag iimagine narin ako lol aahaha I love red lippies din sis but soft pink peg ko ngayon dahil na rin sa work. Nung one time nag red ako, yung mga students ko di maalis ang tingin sa lips ko lol but my faves are RUssian Red from MAC and Cinnamon SPice from Wet n Wild. hmmm wanna try din yung nasa Maybelline and Loreal sis but I need to read more reviews about them pa..

    love lots,

  • Diana says:

    I need to give this bad boy a try!!! it is totally my ally, although I think I have something more or less similar already ( but MAC it’s MAC)

    I have a thing for bold lipsticks. Actually nowadays it’s either bold reds or corals. Oh and the 90’s brown-ish nudes!! ( I want to get my hands on the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks so baldy!!! ). But this one just makes you glow :3 <3

    • Shayne♥ says:

      You do have i just dont remember which brand it was that i saw on your review but i think it was satin / glossy finish :) btw di i think ull like mac girl about town :)

  • Hollie Damz says:

    Ruby Woo has always been a Red Lipstick fave but it’s the most drying among the retro matte lippies. But I usually mix, Russian Red, Ruby Woo and Lady Danger together to get the red I want…hahaha
    Random Beauty by Hollie

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