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The Funny Story of How I Got Into Perfumes In Highschool

A review of the new Jimmy Choo Fever perfume, and the funny story of what got me into purchasing my first high-end perfume in high school.

How I Earn Money Back From Shopping Every Christmas

A review & guide on how to use ShopBack and make the most out of your online shopping this Christmas. The rebate website and app I’ve been using to earn portions of my shopping money back since 2016.

My Injuries, How it Got Worse After a Mistake Done at the Hospital

The story of how my injuries got worse after a mistake during my Physical Therapy treatments at the hospital. How I’m trying to deal with the physical pain and despair.

Must Try Ice Cream This Holiday Season

A review and price list of the holiday ice creams made FIC and Auro Chocolate, flavors; Milk Chocolate Fudge, Single Origin Dark Chocolate, Roasted White Chocolate with Cashew.

3 Clothes I was too Insecure to Wear but Ended Up Loving

Three clothes I swore I’d never wear, but ended up wearing and loving as I grew older and gained more confidence in myself.

3 Jewelries I Love from the new Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers Collection

A round up of my favorite pieces of jewelries from the new Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers collection, their prices, and lots of aesthetic hi-res photos of them.

Penthouse By The Bay – The Perfect Place For A Luxurious Party In Manila

Photos from the Gatsby themed party we had at Penthouse By The Bay, at Rizal Park Hotel Manila. My review and top recommendations from their food menu, wine and whiskey list.