It’s funny how I used to think Kate Spade was a waste of money, “its just a plain wallet labeled with a fan icon and it cost THAT MUCH… why?” — yep even though it was so obvious that it is a Spade I thought their logo was a fan (lol don’t be judgin!). BTW guys, I bought this exact wallet a few months ago. I never really appreciated minimalist chic design until Pinterest. And now it’s pretty much the theme for my entire blog and how I wrapped the giveaway prizes for my recent Maybelline giveaway.

Now is also good time to remind you, just in case you forget, that it is Mother’s Day on May 8, 2016. Buy your mom and yourself a gift you both well deserve, and wrap it ala Kate Spade style… okay maybe you don’t have to wrap it if you’re buying one for yourself. I hope you and your momma like this! 


kate spade gift wrap ideas black gold white sugar paper la kate spade gift wrap ideas black gold white sugar paper la



“Hello Beautiful” printed the text on a white bond paper, polka dots gross grain ribbon (Carolinas). “Thank you” gold wrapper (cost PHP45 National Bookstore), wrote “thank you” on a black paper and cut into a folded 3D banner shape. Rolled stick gold polka dots wrapper (cost PHP20 Ruins Bazaar), clear cellophane (you can also use the clear plastic used to package a bond paper) and black suede ribbon (National Bookstore). Big bow black gross grain ribbon (Carolinas) gold stripes wrapper (PHP20 Ruins Bazaar). Sparkly gold bow gold stripes wrapper (Ruins Bazaar), glitter gold ribbon (Carolinas). Other decors stripes ribbon, and black with metallic gold dots box from Sugar Paper LA, also available @glitterboxph Instagram shop (send a direct message to order).


kate spade gift wrap ideas black gold white sugar paper la



I had everyone who joined in mind when I wrote the golden “thank you” on that black banner gift box – cheesy but true! So once again thank you all. I love hosting giveaways, and not just cos it brings people to my blog but also cos I really… really enjoy wrapping the prizes bonus points if the winner likes it! It’s good to feel like Santa’s elf for a day. I just wish I had more than one gift set to give out. I do have another giveaway coming this May tho so stay tuned! Anyway, that being said, congratulations Cristine D. For winning the Maybelline Giveaway! I hope you like your prizes!



  • Jackie Harrison says:

    Great looking packaging and idea for Mother’s Day.

  • Jackie says:

    You are just so amazing at wrapping that I’m so envious of you. Also love the color theme you choose.

  • Diana says:

    Your wrapping skills are the bomb!!!!! Like seriously, I don’t know anyone who does what you do!!!
    I have been watching a few planner videos that include her stuff but this…this is a whole new lever!!

    I wish I could wrap and DIY like you do ;u; <3

    • Shayne♥ says:

      Hehehe thank you diiii! Im still thinking of diff ways to do something like the harry potter themed diy i made for you :) somethingmovie or book related

  • Jhake o. says:

    Congratulations to the winner! She’s so lucky because she’s going to have the awesome prizes and even more luckier because it is wrapped beautifully.

  • Shireen says:

    Your wrapping skills are so on point! I always try but never turns out that pretty!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Tine Despares says:

    Awwww…it’s so beautiful sis! parang pang Goddess din ang peg nya! I’m actually so bad in wrapping sis,also in covering my books and notebooks lol Trying this DIY would be a real challenge! Still thinking pa of what I should give my mom this year. Pizza nalang kaya with the same wrap above? haha she loves pizza a lot kasi..lol..anyway,t hank you so much once again sis! :) you’re the sweetest! still so stoked about it! also I’m reading your homemade smores DIY, gusto ko rin siya gawin with my little brother!!! hehe

    love lots,


  • Lily says:

    Your diy gift wrapping is always amazing, i don’t know how you do it but you always wow me each time, I kid you not, it looks like something out of a magazine. Hahha ohhh. I use to think the exact same thing about KS, why did this crappy little plastic thing post so much!? haha.

    Lily not Louise

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