Things I Pack In My Shower Travel Bag

I wish I could say that i’m the kind of the girl who pack light when she travels but… no matter how hard I try, I mostly always end up being the over-packer that brings a mini stroller suitcase, large carry-on tote, and a small crossover purse to an overnight trip. LOL I feel embarrassed to say that but yes guys it happened! What do I pack? A first aid kit, lots of extra clothes, and some huge bottles of shower products to-share, in case *ahem* the light packers didn’t bring one (its usually the boys BTW).  

I’m a work in progress, as you can see I learned how to travel light-er and brought only two bags to Tagaytay!  This trip was spontaneous, so I had to rush pack everything, including the things i stored in my Barbieish Forever21 shower bag. It’s big enough to hold in my “staples” and the not-so-staple products that I bring with me to trips cause they have portable packaging.


taal vista hotel tagaytay travel skincare


Olay Regenerist moisturizer
Kiehl’s avocado eye cream
Cetaphil facial wash
Bioderma micellar water
Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume
Burts Bee’s Lip Balm

By portable I mean perfume atomizers — my signature fresh floral scent is Estee Lauder Pleasures — and beauty samples like this Origins serum sachet, which i find to be as moisturizing as my avocado eye cream from Kiehl’s.  I had a girl scout moment and packed two moisturizers; Olay Regenerist for regular use, and Clinique “my emergency” moisturizer just in case the cold weather dries up my skin.  It provides a good moisture boost but it can also get too oily sometimes. Other staples which I always like to recommend whenever I get asked about my skincare regiment are — Cetaphil facial wash, Burt’s Bees lip balm, and my trusty Bioderma micellar water (thanks for sending this over Di!) for removing makeup.


loreal hair mask review st ives apricot body scrub review


Goody hair comb
Denman mini hair brush

Victoria’s Secret beach towel

St. Ives apricot body wash
Bath & Body Works lotion twisted peppermint
Sensodyne toothpaste

My hair care stash is pretty minimal. I left out my shampoo cos’ my hair revolts when i shampoo it daily, so i only do it every other day. L’Oreal hair mask and Organix argan oil aren’t as good as I need them to be, but I brought them anyway cos’ i’m trying to use up. Lastly, I always make sure that I have extra hair ties, clips, comb, and a brush with me everywhere I go, cos my hair is like an untamed lion you guys! Wouldn’t wanna scare you off in case we accidentally bump into each other! Haha!

As for the other body care products, i have the usual necessities — Secret deodorant, soft Colgate toothbrush, and Sensodyne toothpaste for my sensitive gums. St. Ives apricot body wash is my holy grail gentle exfoliator, I could use this daily and it won’t dry my skin. Also one of my HG lotion brands is Bath & Body Works — I always have at least three lotion scents I interchange depending on my mood, and I’m currently gaga over Twisted Peppermint cos it smells like candy! It only comes out during the holidays so i keep an extra set to use through out the year.

I brought a mini PH Care feminine wash, which btw isn’t good for regular use. My Obgyn says its too harsh so she suggested using Lactacyd’s baby wash instead, since it’s gentler and more effective for daily use. Also packed a mini Off lotion to ward off the mosquito living in the mountains!

Hope you enjoyed this lil show and tell post. Share yours too! I’m a nosy person so I’d love to see your own version of this :)