Back With A New Blog Design!

Hello you! Four month hiatus guys — that’s the longest I’ve been away from blogging. I really missed being in our little blogging community. Last year ended roughly for me (as some of you may know, thanks for listening to my social media ramblings!), I got injured by someone,  — I won’t go into it’s details now because I don’t want my coming-back-from-the-dead-post to be depressing but to sum it up, I took it hard.

After lots of physical therapy, meds, crying, and six seasons of Doctor Who… I needed something else to do, one of them was to get used to the new laptop, which then lead me to redesign my blog (smaller screen = cluttered blog). The theme is pretty much the same… the new layout tho, is just impressive (ok maybe only for low tech people like me). It’s “responsive”, which means my blog adjusts to the size of the device you’re viewing it with. Resize your browser window and you’ll see. Pretty revolutionary eh? :P 

And please be warned, moving a blog from Blogspot to Wordpress will test your patience. It involves lots of sorting, and glitches. I now look like a comment hoarder ’cause my past Disqus comments were multiplied three times during the move.  So guys, if you have any plans to transfer too, my advice is do it before your blog has more than a hundred posts, and get tons of help from a handsome tech genius.


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Lifestyle Blogging

I’m going to explore lifestyle blogging this year, guys. I found two things that gets me as excited as I do with makeup; home decor — also known as home organization because I need this badly in my life —and fitness, which covers working out and eating clean.

My overly delayed (it was five months delayed you guys!) but totally worth the wait vanity desk just came in last Valentine’s morning (thank you H.T.G.!). Let me get it organized and ready for you first before i write a full post on it. An organization and desk items haul are in order! BTW the theme is going to be gold and white. I will try my best to make you and my Pinterest boards proud.

As for fitness, this is going to sound so cliche but eating healthier foods and exercising make me feel good about myself, more confident, and motivated with life. Which BTW is extra helpful for people who struggle with depression. Anyway, I will save my fitness ramblings for another day and end this entry now. I still have some serious blog hopping to do. TTYL :)

What have you guys been up to??


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Rebecca Minkoff
 quilted affair bag | Sugar Paper gold dots planner from @glitterboxph | Anthropologie gold mug from @glitterboxph | iPhone 6 gold | Apple MacBook gold



  • Tine Despares says:

    Wowww!!! so glad that you’re back Shayne!!! yehey!!!
    so miss your blog and I really,really love your lay-out and design! so classy!
    I am excited with your future posts and I will really look forward to them! Sana may youtube channel kana rin sis. I think you’ll make awesome vids!!!! I will surely watch them too ehhe :))) <3

    love lots,

    • Shayne♥ says:

      tine! ILYSM! you’re in youtube na?? what channel, ill watch dali!
      maybe someday… i’m very camera awkward and shy, i have to gain some youtuber skillz first :P

  • Wow gorgeous design sis!! I LOVE IT. And I’m so glad you’re back. I haven’t thought of moving to WP at all, haha. Because, exactly as you’ve described. LOL. Looking forward to your lifestyle and fitness posts. And off to read your new about page now. ;)

  • Lily Ayala says:

    Just came across your blog! Loving the design! I recently made a change to my blog too, it was my new year goal to have a better look and to post consistently. So far, I’m doing well! I have also switched things up, I’ve gone from strictly beauty…to more lifestyle posts as well. It has been a fun change! Wishing you the best!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  • Lily says:

    Welcome back hun!!! I hope you are close to recovering to tip top shape! I absolutely love your layout!! Ive been thinking about a new layout for my blog but never really got around to it,ive heard a lot about the time consuming transition from blogspot to wordpress. Ive thought about it but thats as far as thats gone. Im looking forward to reading your posts :)

    • Shayne♥ says:

      thank you lily! You are so kind :) i can relate i was in that state for many many months. In case you decide to switch and need help im here! Its complicated but also really good for the blog esp in the long term :)

  • I really like the new design and I hope you are fully recovered. Welcome back! :)

  • Vanessa says:

    Welcome back! Loving the new blog design, but BLOGLOVIN REFUSES TO NOTIFY ME OF YOUR NEW POSTS and I’m not sure if it’s because you haven’t posted in a long while that’s messing up the feed. Anyways, I’M HERE NOW.

    I’ve actually fallen a lot out of love with beauty blogging, and I want to expand into more lifestyle posts as well. Would love to see your ideas for home decor posts! Six seasons of Doctor Who though…jeebus. *-* (I think the scariest episode is the one with Merlin/Colin Morgan BECAUSE WHO CARES ABOUT THE WEEPING ANGELS AMIRITE)

    • Shayne♥ says:

      Omg haha yes! I almost forgot about merlin’s doctor who appearance. There are SO MANY actors there from Harry Potter… And vampire diaries, arrow etc… Damn those weeping angels!

      Thanks for telling me V! i had to contact bloglovin to get it fixed — they have amazing help service btw :) same with you on lifestyle… Your home pics are like articles from Goop! Beauty can be too overwhelming at times :)

  • I’m happy you’re back! And I’m really digging the new layout <3 can't wait to read more of your new posts! ALSO DAT NEW MACBOOK <3 so jelly! I tried it out in a Power Mac store but although it's so pretty and the color is so me (I loooove gold), I'm not a big fan of its keyboard. I like it when my the keys kinda sink into the keyboard and my fingers make all those noisy typing sounds if you know what I mean!

    • Shayne♥ says:

      Yes haha. That was also my complaint when i tried it out sa store — i almost didnt get it for that reason. You’ll get used to it though. It took me around a month to feel comfortable with it na. Thanks erika! So nice to hear from you name! :)

  • Natasja says:

    Yay, I’m happy your back. I like your new responsive theme and I look forward to seeing your post as a lifestyle blogger ^^

  • Diana says:

    I’m so happy that you’re back <3 The new design is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
    I can't wait to see your vanity and YES PLEASE! Life Style blogging : why not?
    I haven't seen many shows lately. ( as usual : life is messy but it's finally on track again, Thank God!)

    I'll probably sending you an e-mail soon <3 I really miss exchanging them with you <3
    Take care*

    • Shayne♥ says:

      I shall wait for that email! What happened :( :( and ty th di! Im excited to share the desk esp with you since youre the one who inspired me to get one :)

  • Jackie says:

    I just saw your back to blogging Shayne. It’s been a while since we talked. Hope you’ve been well! We need to have a catch up again and do something soon!

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