BBW Candles and a Giveaway!

Most scented candles give me a hell of a headache. Like for example, no matter how much i love Mahogany Teakwood (a candle that smells like the abs of an ambercombie model) it still gets me dizzy whenever it’s lit up in my room. And because my nose is too damn picky, I had to buy lots of Bath and Body Works candles just to handpick those i love —  that also doesn’t make me wanna dunk my nose into a bowl full of coffee seeds.

Here are some I’ve encountered most recently. I hope it can help. I know how confusing it can be to pick a scent out of the bazillion BBW selections, especially for those who shops online because they don’t have any BBW outlets near their places. PS. Guys, my laptop is dead and since then my life has been so disorganized —  hence the blogging hiatus. Please pray with me that the laptop gets fixed soon and that the service people won’t need three months to get it running again. Also, thanks to those who nominated my blog and voted for it at the Philippine Blogging Awards, you’re the best!! 





Watermelon lemonade and Peach Bellini are very fruity. They smell exactly like the drinks they were named after… just multiply its scent throw by a hundred. I don’t even have to light up these candles to fill up my room with their scents, Cherry Blossom Sangria is known to smell like a flower fruit cake, which to be honest sounded gross to me at first, but you’ll be impressed at how BBW made it smell cute and fancy. It reminds of Princess Mia… Thermopolis Reynaldi’s (had the strong urge to write her full name) garden party in Princess Diaries.

Moving on to bakery scents — Vanilla Bean Marshmallow is basically a creamy white chocolate. It’s subtle sweet so it’s very user friendly for those who gets easily nauseous like me. Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut smells exactly like Auntie Ann’s cinnamon sugared bread sticks. I’ve had this before and it always makes me wanna run and take out a doughnut at Krispy Kreme.



Kitchen Spice is nutmeg with a tiny hint of caramel. It doesn’t smell like coffee but it strongly reminds me of cozy places like Starbucks… or a small cabin. This is also one of Zoella’s *fan girl-ing* favorite fall scent. Apple Crumble is spot on just like the hot delicious apple pie my bf’s mom made before —  not a fan of the candle’s color but this scent is delicious! Salty Caramel has got to be my fave (next to Leaves) cause it smells exactly like this creamy Caramelo ice cream I order when i need a pick-me-up. It instantly brightens up my day.

Beach Cabana may have been inspired by a cologne of a hot hot boy you meet at the beach. It’s a fresh playful scent that reminds me of this beautiful resort my best friend and I stayed at in Boracay. Summer Boardwalk smells like a combination of sweet treats and snacks you’ll find at a carnival… perhaps in Brighton (I wanna live there!) — pretzels caramel popcorn and icecream :)



Thought I’d host a mini giveaway for my fellow candle lovers, and for those who are thinking of trying these out. I’m giving away this sparkly Bath and Body Works gold and silver candle holder you could also find at @glitterboxph. Just fill in the Rafflecopter below to join! This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only, international guests can join the next one coming this holiday! ;) a Rafflecopter giveaway//


  • Jackie Harrison says:

    Great Candles awesome giveaway hope the laptop get fix soon.

  • athy. ♥ says:

    Looks amazing! I’d love to win :)

  • Watermelon lemonade is my summer favorite! I know exactly what you mean by some candles are so strong-scented that would make people nauseated. I bought blind online a few times and I only burnt a few times and had to throw them out. I now only go to stores to do a serious sniff test before buying. If anything remotely strong, after it is burnt, it is 100 times more potent. I try to stay with subtle scents now. Fireside marshmallow is my fall must-have.

  • Kim says:

    I love the captions! haha. Smells like Zac Efron’s chest. I kinda want some of that. :p This post came just in time. I was looking for an online shop that sells scented candles. Now I know where to get them some na :)

  • Claire Sereno says:

    I love the vanilla bean marsmallow. I kinda love its creamy scent! So soothing!

  • Patrícia Silva says:

    Never tried before!

  • Bethany says:

    I love scented candles. Especially the ones that smell like food. That said, I’m a cheapskate when it comes to candles and we don’t have enough good Australian retailers. D:< However, recently I bought a gorgeous vanilla and baltic amber one. So goood.

  • Sara says:

    Cherry Blossom and Honeysuckle :)

  • Rafunzel Biyaya Medina says:

    never tried it before. i would love to win :)

  • Tine Despares says:

    Awww they all look so pretty and I’m pretty sure they all smell good. I always wonder how fall/autumn inspired candles smell like. Especially when youtube gurus feature them on their vids. Have you tried them na sis? yung sinasabi nila na candle na amoy autumn daw? hahaha curious na curious ako coz never experienced Autumn pa lelz…your collections look wonderful!!! would really join kasi I wanna smell like Hello Kitty!!! hahahha

    love lots,


  • Diana says:

    I wish I could try out these candles!
    The closest we have here are the ones from Yankee Candle but…they are quite overpriced for my tast.
    I end up getting mine from a Decoration Shop near by and from IKEA…

    I wish everything is okay with you <3
    Take care*

  • Paola Ysabel says:

    Your descriptions of the candles are so kulit :)) I’m interested in the Kitchen Spice and Salty Caramel. Smells yummy!

  • Mnel :) says:

    “Zac Efron’s Chest”, okay where do I get one? LOL. I’m not a fan of scented candles. My go-to scent in my oil burner is lavender (I am so boring I know). Thanks to you, I’ll try lighting scented candles next time I need to freshen up my room. :)

  • Francesca says:

    Love the Taylor Swift and her squad one! These are all so funny! I am such a huge fan of candles, I love them so much! My favorite Bath and Body candle is probably pink sands just because it reminds me of a really fun summer I had and it smells absolutely amazing! That giveaway is so cute I love that holder! Now I want to go out and refresh my candle stock!


  • You made me curious with that “Zac Efron’s Chest” note for Beach Cabana haha!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  • OMG! Thank you for this! I avoid buying scented candles for this exact reason but when you do find the right one it totally changes the mood in your house! I’m gonna check some of these out for sure!

  • Hollie Damz says:

    I’ve always been curious about scented candles. My knowledge about them is next to nothing. LOL but I did try buying a couple unbranded ones before, I love how it makes my room smell divine, but I’m just not comfortable with lighting candles in the house for safety reasons. hehe

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