Two Skincare Products You Must Try From Avene

I have to confess, I thought Avene was pronounced as “Aveen” (instead of “Aven”). That’s what I get for not paying attention to letter symbols! And I almost embarrassed myself by almost blurting it out during Avene’s Micellar Lotion launch event, which btw I was really excited to go to. I have been dying to try their Thermal Spring Water spray but couldn’t get myself to buy it cause of my skepticism.

“It’s just (expensive) water?” — for those of you who have the same doubts, i hear ya! — if you look at its ingredients, it’s mostly just a bottle of unspoiled, unscented, paraben free spring water from France. It’s as simple as that, and yet it’s known to heal skin diseases, burnt victims skins and so on…


avene philippines avene thermal spring water review


Healing Spray

From my personal experience (warning this is the part where i overshare), Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray completely healed a rash spot i had on my bum — in a span of 8 days! I was really impressed. I also sprayed it once on my occasional morning allergy leg rash. Not only did it make the rash disappear faster (compared to when i take meds) but it also reduces my urge to scratch and spread it (side story, I once managed to spread this rash onto my face and lips — I looked like a Platypus LOL).

It’s particularly made for sensitive skin — while i haven’t experienced its anti irritant properties directly on my face because it’s (thankfully!) clear atm — i’ve heard other bloggers say it can also heal facial redness and other impurities. For me, this spray is my go-to when i want to hydrate / freshen up my sticky post-work out face. It’s also now a part of my night time skincare routine. It balances my skin — meaning my face feels and looks like it’s not too matte, or too oily.


avene micellar lotion review avene micellar lotion review


The Lazy Girl’s Bestfriend

Avene Micellar Lotion or as i like to call it— us lazy girls’ BFF — is a facial cleanser and make up remover all at once, and the best part of it is it doesn’t have to be rinsed off after use. No more excuses to skip removing makeup before bedtime. So this bottle now sits in my bedside drawer and aids for nights when i’m wearing makeup and I’m too tired to walk to the bathroom and wash my face.

If like me, you’re already an avid fan of their Thermal Spring Water Spray, you’ll be thrilled to know that this “lotion” is  infused with it’s same soothing and anti-irritant properties. It’s super hydrating and safe for those with sensitive skin. It feels light like water (no greasy feels!) and it has a calming soft scent. It’s just as effective in removing waterproof makeup as my other more expensive micellar water cleanser like Bioderma.

I honestly have nothing bad to say on both products. Although, those of you with sensitive skin might benefit more from it compared to those who doesn’t have sensitive skin like me. But even so, I would still repurchase these simply ’cause I’m a sucker for good skincare products. I like it when I feel that my skin is clear and hydrated enough that on most days I feel confident to not wear makeup at all ;)

Have you guys tried Avene yet? What makeup remover / cleanser do you use?

Avene Philippines | facebook | available at selected Watsons and Mercury Drugstore
Avene Thermal Spring Water Sray 50ml – PHP 530 | 150ml – PHP 825 | 300ml – PHP 1,050
Avene Micellar Lotion 200ml PHP 735. Disclaimer: These products were given to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true.