A Marc Jacobs DIY

Weeell sort of… i don’t have any Daisy punchers so I had to improvise and use Daffodils instead :) It worked out pretty well right? It’s very easy to make, just a little tedious — (1) Wrap your gift box with colored paper — black or pastel pink, (2) flower punch a thousand flowers on a white paper, (3) glue them all over the box, (4) glue gold sequins on top of the flowers, (5) then finish it off with a cute white bow. It looks a little Kate Spade like, don’t you think? You can also use the same technique for your notebooks, storage boxes, and books ;)

And guys how cute are these miniature daisy perfumes! I mainly use them as decor. I believe these were limited edition when I got it, but Marc (first name basis hihi!) tends to bring them back in stores from time to time. You can get these now @glitterboxph (Instagram shop). White Daisy is the classic floral daisy fragrance which everyone loves, while pink Daisy fresh which is a more citrus-y version of Daisy. Both smell great but i personally prefer the white one.


marc-jacobs-diy-05 803d1-marc-jacobs-diy-06

Life Lately and
Giveaway Winners

These two gift boxes are BTW the prizes for my recent Maybelline giveaway international winners. I wanted to make something extra out of it to show the winners and everyone who joined how thankful I am. I was going to wrap all five prizes this way but after the second gift box my fingers were filled with paper cuts and i ran out of papers! I wrapped the other 3 local winner’s boxes differently — simpler and in a different box since it won’t have to withstand long days of shipment — ill share those here in the future ;)

I already mentioned this on Twitter and IG, but in case you missed those  I really appreciate every single entry you made, thank you all! Ill see you on my next giveaway coming hopefully very soon. I want to start it up when i share my new vanity table is here, as a form of a little project done celebration  hehe I’m such a dork! Click on this link to view the winners.

The vanity table is very very delayed though — guys it is stressing me out! It’s been almost two months. I’ve seen the desk, and it’s beaauuuutiful… however, some parts are still missing (like the hutch and bun feet). We’re waiting on those while editing some details on the desk. You know how you feel like you’re in limbo whenever you have to wait for something to finish, and it is completely out of your control. Aye it’s driving me cray… I am hoping that it’ll get done by September 20-ish. I’ll share it asap! ;)


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