How Good Are The MAC Makeup Palettes?

These MAC Pro Palettes aren’t as popular as they should be here in the Philippines because they are really hard to come by. I was almost angry at MAC for not selling them here ’cause we’re missing out on some good palettes! They all look very pro, as the name implies, and I love how the cases are lighter than they look but still super sturdy because they are made out of plastic instead of compressed cardboard.I got three palettes in different sizes because it’s now my life’s goal to own a makeup collection as organized as That’s Heart’sBTW guys i met her last month at the Benefit event and all chill was lost! Just kidding! I’m actually surprised that I kept my dignity intact cause i was secretly dying inside while talking to her. She was as witty, “kwela”, and cute as she is on our little YouTube screens.

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Compact Cases

The smallest case is called MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow 4x — a very boring but very accurate name because that’s literally all it can hold — 4 Mac eyeshadow refills or other makeup pans with the same size. I was a little disappointed that underneath the frame “insert” it came with (for free) is an uneven base. In other words I can’t cheat and use this cute case to hold my makeup pans from other brands. But that’s okay because now I like to use it to interchange 4 Mac eyeshadow shades that I’ll bring with me to travel or for daily gimmicks.

My favorite among all of them has to be the Pro Palette Large Single. Looking at it alone makes me feel like I have makeup artist skillz! It has a magnetic base so you can use the palette alone (and maximize more space) with out the separate Eyeshadow 15x Insert, although I still bought one for vanity purposes hehe! The best thing with this palette is that you can also store makeup pans / refills you depotted from other brands. All you have to do is remove the Insert and stick a magnet sticker (these are really cheap and can easily be found at the hardware stores) at the back of the pan.


Double The Size


Pro Palette Large Duo can store twice more of the MAC, Wet n Wild eyeshadows, and NYX blushes i wanted to depot and organized in one place. It has the same magnetic base and a classy glass separator in the middle. This also means one side of your makeup will be hanging upside down — which could be problem if it gets shaken really hard. On normal situations the magnet base alone can easily hold the pans in place (more securely with the Inserts) but it may not easily survive being toss around by the airport baggage people, pans could fall of the magnet and die. Other than that though if you’re just using it for storage at home then it’s totally fine.Where can you buy MAC Pro Palettes in the Philippines? From what i know MAC stores don’t sell these, you’re biggest chance of finding it is through online beauty sellers. They’re still quite rare and they range from P750 to P950 (the inserts are much cheaper P320). You can get these at @glitterboxph via instagram ;)
What’s your favorite makeup palette?


  • Like the cases but found out Ulta was selling magnetic one from small to large for fraction of the price.

  • Juvy says:

    I don't have these MAC palettes, but I have the Wild Peach brand. I like WPP because it already comes with the free magnetic stickers and you can also choose any size that you want. It doesn't have a hard plastic cover though, but I think it is still durable. :-)

  • Diana says:

    They look quite interesting!
    I'm thinking about starting my own palette as well :3 Can you believe that after our swap they started (although seriously overpriced) to sell the palettes here? But I might not get them and the shadows (the pans) here. I'll probably get it in the UK next year since it's way cheaper there than here.
    Your collection of MAC eyeshadows is gorgeous <3 I think I might get a new one on my birthday this year *-* Maybe Mythology <3

    I hope everything is okay with you <3 I might send an e-mail asking how things are during this week :3
    Take care*

  • June L. says:

    I don't own any makeup palettes like this, and not even a single eyeshadow from MAC! o_o; But I think if I did buy some, I'd probably go for the smallest x4 shadow pan, haha. xD
    Junniku blog!

  • Christine Uy says:

    I'm so glad when MAC upgraded their Pro palettes awhile ago, probably last year, I forgot.. hehe.. I love how more professional it looks and very sleek! It's so spacious and very compact.. can't wait to get one or two of those big palettes and more of the 4x Eyeshadow Palette. Thanks for the review sis =D And aww.. so jealous you get to meet Heart, she's such an awesome person and love how she has so much life in her :)

    — new blogpost in my blog :)
    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • The MAC palettes are the best. I have a few of them and they are so durable. I wasn't an expert in depotting the shadows when I first started and put a dent in a couple of my shadows unfortunately but other than that, all is good.

  • Victoria says:

    I probably need to get MAC eyeshadows first before I purchase these lol. Can you believe that I still don't have any MAC eyeshadows? Haha!

  • Hollie Damz says:

    I've always wanted to get one of these, been wanting that Mac Pro quad for a really long time, I just can't get myself to shell out P900 for one piece of mac eyeshadow. I've also thought about getting the cheaper alternative for the empty palette from Wild Peach but I just feel lazy depotting single shadows. teehee So, the smartest option in my opinion is still to buy eyeshadow palettes that I really really really like. But if given the chance to choose 4 shades it would most definitely be “All That Glitters, Brown Script, Rice Paper, & Handwritten”

    Random Beauty by Hollie

  • Aaahh, your palettes look amazing! ahaha, I bet if I had eyeshadows and that palette, I'd be so excited to pull it out and look at my collection of eyeshadows! xD The one that intrigued me the most is the Pro Palette Large Duo! I've never seen those in a Mac store! (Maybe it's because I just look at the lip pencils & highlighters there, ahaha) I love that you can use both sides! I'd be flapping the flap back and forth like mad, AHAHAHA
    Random question: what is that pinky brown shade in the duo palette?:D I love colors like those most!

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

  • Matromao says:

    I’m always going to complain about how MAC Phils. doesn’t just decide to sell palettes and pans already for cheaper. If they did, I’d probably lose my shizz and buy a bunch of pans on impulse. :))

  • It’s a shame that MAC Philippines doesn’t sell those palettes here. I’ve been wishing for a long time now that they bring in those Pro Palettes for us makeup junkies. Hehe :)

  • Donna says:

    I have always been a Mac Shadows and brushes girl for as long as I can remember but I recently was introduced to Morphe… Complete Game Changer. The single Shadows are just as good if not better than Mac. They are the same size and they are 2 dollars each…The Brushes are so cheap it is un real and they work better than my Mac Brushes… even my Tom Ford and Chanel brushes. If you buy a Morphe palette it is about 20 dollars with a 10% off coupon code. You can get them from other retailers for as cheap as 15 dollars. The Morphe eyeshadow palette comes with 35 shadows.. The thing I struggle with is that Z Palettes cost more than my eyshadows and they never come with enough of the magnets so you have to buy more. By the time I am done I am paying more for cardboard to hold my shadows than my make up alone. I came across the Mac Palette. It is 8 Dollars for the single, you choose a free gift, free shipping no matter the total, free returns, and free gift wrap which shows it is a silk type bag so it could be used to hold other things like jewelry for traveling or anything else you can think of. For the dual double sided Mac Palette it is also $8 dollars. I purchased my first 2 today. I ordered one single and one double to see how I like them. I also placed two seperate orders since it is free shipping because you get to choose another free gift and bag at no extra charge. I am really hoping that these work out. If so I will be thrilled to be able to finally have an affordable option as oppsed to Z palette. I tried Morphe’s version of the Z palette.. surprisingly they were not cheap and when I got them they also felt cheap.. even worse the top is not clear. I’m not sure what the point of that is. If I wanted my shadows in a case with a black lid so I can’t see my shadows then I would keep them in the case they already come in… I hope this helps in several areas. I should have the mac palettes within 2-3 days and I can’t wait!

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