An Eyebrow Pencil I Love Below P150 ($3)

Etude House Drawing Eyebrows

I don’t know if this was a trend in your school too, but back in high school there was a time when every girl wanted really defined and thin “spice girls” eyebrows. My mom would kill me if i plucked a single hair off my brows so i was left out. A few friends though, carried on and over shaved their brows to the point that they were almost bald! They tried and tried to shape both brows to look exactly alike, which as we all know now is quite impossible.

Fast forward to today, most girls now are into natural looking fuller brows. Etude House Drawing Eyebrows is the product i swear by when it comes to that. It is such a bargain guys! You get a quality eyebrow pencil and a useful spoolie for only P148 (around $3). It can even go cheaper later on, if you could find a store that sells its separate eye pencil refill.



I got the shade dark brown, which to be honest was hard to identify because the details are written in Korean (I think!). This product lasts all day without smudging and fall out. I say fall out because it has these tiny fiber-like specs that stay put and add more dimension so that the color won’t look flat and fake on the brows. It’s also sheer so its easy to build up the color as you please — great for brows that mainly need filling in between the little hair gaps.

The only flaws i see here is that it’s not as smooth as they claim it to be which really isn’t a big deal, it fades a little in time, and that it takes forever and a half for them to restock it. Had to wait monthss! A friendly tip for those who end up liking this, get at least one back up because these sell out fast. It comes in six different shades — I can go with either dark brown and gray brown.



Life Lately

Guys, I’ve been really off for weeks cause my little dog Bentley went through tons of tests, and then finally had his dental surgery done last Monday. It’s a minor surgery but it involves anesthesia so there was a risk that he may not come back from his sleep. I just want to say thanks to those who listened when I vented out in IG and Twitter! Your support and prayers means a lot. My dog is so precious to me, seeing him in pain and imagining the risks he had to go through really broke me heart. I think most pet owners could relate. Bentley’s gums are still swollen so things are also still a little cray here at home. But I’m thankful and hopeful that he will completely heal soon. Please keep praying for his fast recovery :)
Product on the photos; Etude House Drawing Eye Brow (around P148, Etude House ATC), Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (Rustans), Marc Jacobs Mini Daisy Perfume (limited edition P1000 @glitterboxph Instagram shop), Forever21 makeup pocuh