Perfect Everyday Chanel Blush

I used to be all about shiny shimmery pink blushes like Nars Orgasm. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten more into bold lipstick shades that I realized I needed more muted blushes to pair it with. I have big lips, so MAC Ruby Woo plus a stand out shiny blush is a recipe for a clown face-of-the-day for me.

And because Di is the best blogger bff evarr she sent me a Chanel Blush Revelation during our gift swap. To be honest, Chanel is a brand i try my best to avoid because it could potentially drive me to bankruptcy. But i thought, if this shade works, I’m prolly gonna use it everyday – for a very long time, and I wouldn’t mind splurging once in a while for a product like that.

shayne naidasshayne naidas


The Chanel cream blushes might as well be made out of wings of angels cause it is honestly really feathery-creamy-soft! This is the main selling point of the blush imo. Cause the shade is really just a common but still very pretty matte pink peach (even though its supposed to have a satin finish). Almost like a matte version of Benefit Rockateur. It’s one of those barely there blushes that you can build up so it’ll look good on almost all skin tones and with a lot of lipstick colors. You can never go wrong with this shade.

Excuse the blatant blank “tulala” expression on my face swatch haha! The day this shot was taken was very exhausting.


shayne naidas


Chanel Revelation

It has an amazing texture, so soft that instead of using a blush brush for this I don’t mind to be less hygienic and apply it using my fingers. It dries up quickly into this semi powder finish when it lands on the cheeks. But because it’s cream, it has a small distinct stain like effect that I like. It wore well for the whole day with slight fading after five hours. But the swatch I did here, which I forgot to wash off my arms yesterday, never came of until I took a shower the next day.

So for the record, this is definitely a splurge (It cost around P1850+ / $38) — not a practical purchase but i love it so much that i wouldn’t mind adding it to my splurge-worthy list. You can check them out at Nordstrom or at Rustans (Philippines). What are the blushes you’re willing to spend more money on?

BTW, is anybody else excited to find out who on earth “A” is!? Pretty Little Liars summer finale is happening this week guys! And they better tell me who A is or im gonna rage quit on that show! (no actually i cant do that, im already too invested lol).