Perfect Everyday Chanel Blush

I used to be all about shiny shimmery pink blushes like Nars Orgasm. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten more into bold lipstick shades that I realized I needed more muted blushes to pair it with. I have big lips, so MAC Ruby Woo plus a stand out shiny blush is a recipe for a clown face-of-the-day for me.

And because Di is the best blogger bff evarr she sent me a Chanel Blush Revelation during our gift swap. To be honest, Chanel is a brand i try my best to avoid because it could potentially drive me to bankruptcy. But i thought, if this shade works, I’m prolly gonna use it everyday – for a very long time, and I wouldn’t mind splurging once in a while for a product like that.

shayne naidasshayne naidas


The Chanel cream blushes might as well be made out of wings of angels cause it is honestly really feathery-creamy-soft! This is the main selling point of the blush imo. Cause the shade is really just a common but still very pretty matte pink peach (even though its supposed to have a satin finish). Almost like a matte version of Benefit Rockateur. It’s one of those barely there blushes that you can build up so it’ll look good on almost all skin tones and with a lot of lipstick colors. You can never go wrong with this shade.

Excuse the blatant blank “tulala” expression on my face swatch haha! The day this shot was taken was very exhausting.


shayne naidas


Chanel Revelation

It has an amazing texture, so soft that instead of using a blush brush for this I don’t mind to be less hygienic and apply it using my fingers. It dries up quickly into this semi powder finish when it lands on the cheeks. But because it’s cream, it has a small distinct stain like effect that I like. It wore well for the whole day with slight fading after five hours. But the swatch I did here, which I forgot to wash off my arms yesterday, never came of until I took a shower the next day.

So for the record, this is definitely a splurge (It cost around P1850+ / $38) — not a practical purchase but i love it so much that i wouldn’t mind adding it to my splurge-worthy list. You can check them out at Nordstrom or at Rustans (Philippines). What are the blushes you’re willing to spend more money on?

BTW, is anybody else excited to find out who on earth “A” is!? Pretty Little Liars summer finale is happening this week guys! And they better tell me who A is or im gonna rage quit on that show! (no actually i cant do that, im already too invested lol).


  • OMG YES WHO THE F IS AAAAAA I'm so excited for the summer finale! And that blush looks so good I wanna give it a try but Chanel is so $$$ :-(

  • Victoria says:

    Ahhh. This looks so pretty!!!! <33333 And this is P1850 lang sa Rustans? I got mine for P2k+ huhu nagmura na??

  • The shade is stunning Chanel do sell amazing products.

  • Tasha says:

    I heard that they're discontinuing these!! :( They have new blush sticks now I think. I haven't tried anything Chanel because $$$ but this one does look gorgeous. The formula sounds amazing!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Diane Writes says:

    I always feel intimidated with Chanel and all those high end brands. The most expensive beauty product I purchased was Max Studio Fix's powder foundation. Although after reading your entries about Chanel, I discovered that some Mac products are more expensive than Chanel. Maybe if I have more courage, I might consider this as a rare treat to myself. :)

  • Gaaahh, so darn expensive!! Hahaha! It does sound really worth it though. It looks so natural on your pretty face sis!

  • Omg, that blush is eye-candy:D That's so nice. When I went with my mom to the Chanel counter (Her favourite make-up brand is Chanel) 'cause she was looking for a blush, I only saw shimmery pinks here in Hong Kong. I don't know if I missed it but when I heard the blush you have “supposed to be satin” matte finish, I got excited and told my mom. AHAHAHA, cause she likes more matte blushes.

    You look flawlessly beautiful as always:D The blush is just so bloody lovely on you, I might try to steer away from my favourite cream blush and try this! (if I can find it! ahaha)

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

  • soooooooo pretty on you! Chanel sure does luxury on their products and as pricey as they are, think they are worth the bucks. I have one of their cream blushes and good that I read your post, now I am definitely going to dig mine out and start using it again :)

  • Steph says:

    Almost like a matte version of Rockateur? OOOH I wanna try!! I don't own anything from Chanel kasi I've always thought na titas / moms lang target market nila lol. I've been eyeing the Soleil Tan de Chanel for a while tho.

  • Natasja says:

    Gorgeous! I have been flirting with the chanel creamy blushes for quite some time now… haven't bought one yet, though. And the PLL summer final was annoying :P That ending, ugh!

  • Deborah says:

    I'm drooling – That blush looks amazing! I'm all for achieving that subtle glow so this looks like it'd be right up my alley! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • Marielle says:

    Does this work well on dry cheeks? Gandang-ganda ako, but I'm just afraid that creams expire faster than powders. That's why I'm leaning towards Joue Contraste (if ever I get around to going the Chanel route with blushes). Buuut… maybe I'll look into Illamasqua first for something rare and different.

  • Juvy says:

    One on the wishlist! I want to try at least one cream blush from Chanel. Looks good on you! I like that it has the staining effect. Stila is a cheaper brand. Works good on me. :)

  • Wendy Banner says:

    So pretty and looks so lovely on you! I'm one that is so quick to pass over cream products, because I hate finger application. I suck it up if it makes me swoon, though! I bet this would be pretty on the lips too. :)

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  • Diana says:

    I'm so happy you liked this <3
    I have yet to get one for myself, specially now that I finally found a certain love for this type of blush.
    The colour really suits you and I might get the same for myself.

    And I don't really follow PLL but wasn't A revealed already o.o I thought it was!
    Anyway, I'm really glad for seeing your post more :3
    Take care*

  • CJ says:

    E ang ganda nyo lang po. :)) I love love love the lips!!! I don't watch pll, I never got into it haha.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    erikaaa just found out who A is! i have more questions that evar! kakaloka hahaha! did you watch the finale na?

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    nako im not sure, when i saw it before i think it was 1850 but that was like a year ago i think? or i could be wrong. either it was rustans or from an online seller :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    yup they do, most esp with bags! ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    omg where :O im not sure id like a blush stick tho… it seems less fun to apply hehe!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i feel you sis. the first high-er end brand makeup that i bought was also from chanel i think. took me awhile to decide on it. mas maganda talaga if you get to try the product first at the counter… mga 20 times to help with the decision haha ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aye yes! ask mommy to buy it then borrow it nalang… very often hihi! i can imagine na your mom being as classy beautiful as you! my mom is also kikay but shes not very into makeup ^^ thanks gorgeous!!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i had you in mind while i was writing this, thought youd like it! what shade do you have? ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    kaka intimidate kasi ang price hihi, i feel the sasme way with dior. but im more interested in them now maybe its cause im getting old haha! yup it resembles rockateur i wish i was able to swatch it side by side nga here. nakalimutan ko kasi ^^ soleil tan de chanel the limited edition bronzer?

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    AYE THAT SHOW will give me a heart attack hehe. did you like the plot twist?

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i think youll like this deb! itll go together with your simple but really elegant outfits ;)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ive tried illamasqua na sis and its also so so nice. im not sure if itll work on dry cheeks tho… hmm… feeling ko hindi masyado, ill pay more attention to it when my cheeks are dry (lalo these days na ang lamig ng panahon). i think for you, you'll like illamasqua more. check out the shade SOPHIE :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    sige will try stilas cream blushes! i didnt know they had cream blushes pala, the stila counter kasi in my place is so incomplete ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks wendy! hahaha yes i understand, you can use it with a blush brush tho. it aint as hard and complicated as i thought ^^ i originally thought cream blushes requires a very different kind of application compared to solid powder brushes.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    yas! thank you diiii <3 i hope you get it really so we can twin :P A was revealed like a bazillion times in that show but the past "revelations" werent really the real thing... so now im wondering if the A this time is really A...theres so many of them haha! And i miss seeing yours you werent so active with bloggign these days :3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    ay thank you sis hehe! nako a lot of people were disappointed with the finale. parang gossip girl dan humprey effect lang. i like it tho, there are more episodes till the super finale of the show.

  • You always look so vibrant and beautiful! <3 The blush looks amazing. :)
    And oh my gosh PLL is driving me crazy! I thought the summer finale was pretty good, I actually didn't expect that person to be “A”, so it was a pretty good twist. What did you think of it?

  • Goooosh, it's such a pretty shade, I love it! I scrolled over the comments at 200 mph though! I don't want any spoilers!!! :-)

  • Janet H says:

    This is a perfect blush by Chanel, i love the color, this color look so pretty, and look so amazing on you!! :) How are you Shayne? It feel like long time no chat, missing you. Xoxo, Janet

  • Jhanz A. says:

    I have long stopped watching PLL, pero sobrang pasabog yung A???!?! Hahaha! Also: you look stunning please lang! :)

  • Rae O. says:

    Oh my. I like Rockateur's color. I just hate the finish. I think I might like it.

  • Nina says:

    Your selfies are ALWAYS amazeballs!!! So so pretty!

  • Christine Uy says:

    Gorgeous shade! I can see myself using it every single day.. it's really pretty sis =D I really adore Chanel blushes, I wish I can collect them all.. such a premium quality product :) And gosh those lips are so sexy sis, loving that lipstick on you!

    — new blogpost in my blog :)
    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Vanessa says:

    ….I didn’t comment on this??? /shit/.

    BUT HOORAY, finally a review of your Chanel blush! Chanel cream blushes are the and I usually apply my Chanel blush with my fingers, since it doesn’t have a greasy/creamy texture (I hate applying cream blushes with my fingers sometimes because of that). And I love how long lasting this is on me because of its dry finish!

  • Shayne♥ says:

    oh! nars orgasm would look good with your skintone :) i think that was my first high end blush ever. you cant go wrong with it, its very pretty!

  • Julie May says:

    AHHHH this is gorgeous!!!! You just can’t go wrong with great everyday color such as this. And of course, Chanel just does everything so right. :)

  • Lhai Elardo Dava says:

    Gosh! This blush really looks promising!!

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