Maybelline Gift Bags Up For Grabs

Life Lately

Hello hello! To those of you who are just tuning into my blog for the first time, welcome! Thanks for taking time to visit my giveaway. For those of you who have been patiently listening to my beauty ramblings here for quite some time now (and vice versa), thanks for sticking with me, i missed hearing from you!

I’ve been away-from-the-laptop lately because of some new exciting, and stressful things. Also known as me learning how to park the new car without hitting anything… or anybody! I once made a bench full of car drivers squeal when I tried to park and almost hit another car.

Most of my time was also spent at the hardware store picking materials for my white vanity desk (who knew shopping for knobs could be as confusing as picking the perfect shade of red lipstick). It’s my first time to get a piece of furniture custom made so the excitement level is very high atm. Wish us luck, I hope the desk turns out similar to it’s pinterest peg from PB Teen. Anyway, I’ll jump into the giveaway to spare those who aren’t really into this kind of blog life updatez!

Picking 5 Winners

Maybelline and I are giving away 5 gift bags! Each loot bag has one HyperCurl mascara, Baby Lips lip balm, and White Super Fresh foundation powder in it (flavor of the balm and shade of the foundation may vary per gift bag). To join you just simply have to fill in the rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open internationally and it’ll run until September 5 2015. I’ll announce and contact the winners a few days after that. Good luck and thanks for joining!

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