Mia Maison’s Mini Discovery Home Fragrance Set Review

I became interested in home fragrances because of the past few years of staying mostly indoors and even more so now that I started meditating and using scents to make my space more zen. For me, it’s important to set the mood as it can actually influence my emotions, thoughts, and productivity. So I enjoyed playing and testing out Mia Maison’s new Mini Mia Discovery Set. It’s a collection of their most beloved signature scents curated to fit the mood of homes and living spaces. I feel like it’s such an efficient and budget-friendly way to try out and get introduced to their wide range of home fragrances and perhaps discover your favorite scent for your room and other scents that you can play with to set different moods. It comes in four variants — Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom. Each set contains six 20ml bottles of either Mia Maison Home Fragrance water-based oils for diffusers or ready-to-use room spray bottles for your room. You can also mix and match the water-based oils in your diffuser. I have here with me two of the variants from their collection; living room and bedroom.

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Mini Mia Discovery Set for the Bedroom and Living Room

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The Bedroom Set

Peppermint, Lavender, Lime & Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Green Tea.

Let’s start with my favorite scent from Mia Maison’s Bedroom collection, Green tea. I don’t usually like the scent of Green Tea so I was pleasantly surprised that this was the one I ended up using the most from this set. It has a gentle, fresh, and relaxing herbal tea scent, which kind of reminds me of one of my favorite iced teas.

Their Lavender scent creates a calm and quiet atmosphere, Peppermint reminds me of candy canes and Christmas, and their Lime & Spearmint can make the room feel cool and can supposedly also help you breathe better a night. Lastly, Citronella and Eucalyptus are the collection’s fragrances that help fight off bugs while cleaning the air at the same time.

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The Living Room Set

Fresh Bamboo, Ocean Breeze, Tea at the Orient Express, Clean Space, AntiTabacco, White Tea and Ginger

The Living Room Set is my favorite collection among the two. I feel like this collection matches the moods I want for our spaces the most. It has Mia Maison’s best-selling scent, Fresh Bamboo, a very refreshing scent with a woody scent base. Ocean Breeze reminds me of the our beach vacations while Tea at the Orient Express is a very nice and sophisticated scent that reminds me of classy hotels. The set also includes the Anti-Tobacco and Clean Space scents which are part of Mia Maison’s Odour Away collection, wherein the oils are specifically made to not just mask unpleasant smells but to eliminate them. And lastly, my favorite scent from the collection, White Tea and Ginger. I ended up assigning this scent to my home gym as this is also the place where I meditate and do yoga. It smells very zen and relaxing. I keep it near my mat and spray it before I stretch.

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#DiscoverMiniMiaMoments Facebook Promo

To further celebrate Mia Maison’s new mini collection, they will also be launching their #DiscoverMiniMiaMoments social media promo. Simply follow Mia Maison’s Official Facebook page and wait for the post where they ask what your new “Mia Moment” could be? What lovely new memories can you create with any of the 24 signature scents included in the Mini Mia Discover Set. Four (4) winners will receive a Mini Mia Discovery Set gift pack at the end of the promo period. More details will be announced on their social media channels.

The Mia Maison Discovery set retails for PHP 750 for the water-based oil set and PHP 380 for the room spray set. You can find them at all Mia Maison Kiosks nationwide or their official online channels; their Facebook Page, official Shopee store and official Lazada Store.

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