Femme Luxe Review Haul : Edgy and Classy Pieces

It’s my third haul from Femme Luxe so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and order some pieces that I wouldn’t usually go for. I picked out my usual fave pieces from them which are their classy dresses and then added a few trendy and bold items. One of the reasons why I decided to try new pieces was because I noticed from my past hauls that their products look exactly as it is shown on the photos in their website. So I felt more confident to try on new things I wasn’t usually familiar with like faux leather dresses and corsets.

I received questions about how international shipping during this time of pandemic works in the country right now. For this package, I did experience some delays in the delivery. But it was mostly because our post office was closed. After they opened, I received an SMS notification from them saying my international packages are ready to be picked up. It was difficult for me to pick it up at the post office because of the quarantine checkpoints at that time so I asked if they could deliver it to my address instead. They initially couldn’t fulfill my request but they eventually and thankfully had all 7 of my packages delivered to our house. I’m so glad the package is finally here. I tell you, these pieces are worth the wait. I can’t wait to wear them for online events and zoom calls or save them for when the pandemic is over.

Shayne Naidas Femme Luxe Emma Slinky Black Dress Review Ootd 02


Emma black slinky ruched side strapless mini dress
For reference I’m wearing it in size UK 6

This dress reminds me so much of Kylie Jenner. I remember she wore a dress with a similar neckline. I love how, from a far, it looks like it has invisible straps but when you closely it’s actually strapless. The fabric is comfortable to wear and has some stretch to it. Another favorite feature of this dress is its ruched side that hugs my body nicely and compliments my curves. You can find more ruched dresses here. It’s a classic little black dress that will not go out of style.


Malia Wine Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress
For reference I’m wearing it in size UK 6

I already have this dress in white and I love it so much that I wanted to get it in another color. I chose this beautiful wine red because it reminds me of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. She wore a dress in this color in one of the Justice League movies and she looked gorgeous!

I personally think that this is one of the best body con dresses to order from Femme Luxe. I’ve seen other girls wear it on Instagram and the dress looks very flattering on different body types. My initial concern with this dress is that it might be made of thin fabric but I was wrong. It’s actually better than expected. It has an inner lining which makes the dress not see-through.

Shayne Naidas Femme Luxe Malia Wine Bardot Dress Review Ootd 01c

Malia Wine Bardot Midi Dress

Shayne Naidas Femme Luxe Jameie Leather Dress White Review Ootd 01c

Jameie Cream Faux Leather Bodycon Dress


Jameie cream faux leather strappy mini bodycon dress
For reference I’m wearing it in size UK 6

It’s my first time wearing a faux leather dress. I’ve always wanted to try one on ever since I saw Kourtney Kardashian’s burgundy leather dress, which looks similar to this white leather one. It was a bit challenging to fit inside the dress because I have wide hips but I love how it fits me once it’s worn. It’s tight and figure-hugging but still comfortable. It’s one of my favorite edgy pieces in my wardrobe right now. I love how it’s trendy and bold but still looks like a classy mini dress at the same time because of it’s creamy white color.

This dress originally came with straps which also looked good but I removed the straps because I really wanted it to look like Kourtney’s dress and I prefer the neckline a bit lower than it is with the straps on.

Shayne Naidas Femme Luxe Angelica Red Dress Review Ootd 02b

Angelica Red Belted Bodycon Midi Dress


Angelica red belted bodycon midi dress
For reference I’m wearing it in size UK 6

This beautiful ala-valentino red dress can be worn in the different styles; (1) as a v neck dress for a more conservative look and (2) as an off-shoulder dress which is how I prefer to wear it. It’s puffy sleeves and it’s vibrant red color are my favorite features of this dress. I wish they had a crop top version of this! This dress is actually a midi dress  which goes a few inches below my knee.

Shayne Naidas Femme Luxe Angelica Red Dress Review Ootd 01

Angelica Red Belted Bodycon Dress


Shayne Naidas Freya Corset Leather Crop Top Review Ootd 01

Freya Black Faux Leather Corset Top


Freya black faux leather hook eye corset top
For reference I’m wearing it in size UK 6

I’m ending the review with another edgy piece I got. This is one of their popular pieces since I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing this on Instagram. At first I was hesitant to get this because I have a wide chest and I was concerned that it might not fit me. But I discovered that the back part of the corset is a lace up style and it’s very adjustable. It looks like something a spy or cat woman would wear on TV. I’d probably do something with it and style it for Halloween. Can’t wait to try their other corset tops during my next haul.

I hope these reviews and photos helpful! Which of these Femme Luxe items is your favorite?



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