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I felt the mental and emotional toll of the pandemic as soon as it hit the news earlier this year and I still can feel it up to this day while we all try to adjust to the “new normal.” Worrying for our safety and the uncertainty of the future is what consumes me the most. It even came to a point when I had to uninstall Twitter to avoid the news because I felt so overwhelmed. That’s when I realized I needed to divert my attention to something productive to feel better and help stop myself from being anxious. Since we’re mostly staying in and self-quarantined at home, I’ve decided to make our stay here more comfortable and relaxing.

Over the past months we’ve had a few house repairs and renovations done to improve certain areas at our home. I also frequently do home hauls for things like wall art, lamps, new sheets… things that made our home feel cozier and safer for us to destress in. Scents and essential oils are proven to help reduce anxiety and stress so I also started ordering scented candles, room sprays, pillow mists, and more from different brands and my latest discovery is this Aerospray from Mia Maison.


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Just in case you’re not familiar with Mia Maison yet, they sell home fragrance and home air care products in the Philippines such as aromatherapy oils, diffusers, candles, room sprays, and more. They started crafting their products right at the home of their founder Shirley L. Reyes and sold them through various department stores in Metro Manila. Then they finally opened their first kiosk at Glorietta in 2016 and landed a Superbrand seal. Because of their continued success, they now have 60 stalls in malls nationwide. And now, they’re expanding their reach in the online market.

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I had a difficult time getting a lot of things we needed from certain stores when the quarantine was first implemented and even after it was eased up. So I’m so happy that more local businesses are going online these days. Mia Maison is one of the stores that fast-tracked the process of shifting their business to mostly online now. They worked with major online stores like Lazada, Shopee, and most recently, GrabMart, to ensure that their customers are just a click away from getting their products.

Mia Maison is participating in the 9.9 sale today! Enjoy up to a 20% discount on their wide range of fragrances at Lazada or a 15% Cashback at Shopee! Check Mia Maison’s Official Flagship stores and refresh for less!

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Checking authenticity.

If you’re shopping online for Mia Maison products it’s best to shop and transact with official Mia Maison online stores that can be found on Lazada and Shopee. Unfortunately there have been reports that some brands have started copying their labels and designs which could be confusing. Make sure you’re getting authentic Mia Maisons products and not counterfeits.

Another way to spot an original Mia Maison product is to look for a properly placed label with the stylized logo of Mia Maison along with a clean font that properly spells out the product name and its descriptor on every item you receive. You can contact Mia Maison on their official Facebook page if you have any doubts and concern about a particular product.

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Let me give you a my first impression on my first Mia Maison product, which is the Clean Essentials Aerospray. These are air-and-linen sprays with aromatic fragrance that can help with your relaxation. These can also disinfect and get rid of bacteria, germs, microbes, and certain viruses as they contain 1% Benzalkonium Chloride concentrates.

I have tried different room sprays and linen mists from different brands and I have to say this is by far the best quality spray bottle I’ve ever used. I love that when you press it, the spray scatters the product over a wider area and you can easily control the amount of product sprayed., unlike other spray bottles that with more concentrated sprays that leave nasty wet marks on the pillow.

I have three scents that can be used with the spray: Green Menthol which smells fresh and minty, Green Grass which has a softer scent than Green menthol and smells like nature, and Autumn Dew which also smells fresh but a bit more floral and powdery. I feel like those who are in to minty fresh herbal scents will enjoy these.

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Smart Aromatic Machine (S.A.M.), Luxe Collection, and Odour Away.

They also have other products like their Smart Aromatic Machine aka S.A.M. which is a scenting machine that you can pre-program to spray at specific intervals or would only turn on during a specific time frame. You can add scents like Mia Maison’s best-selling fragrances like the Original Fresh Bamboo, Green Tea, Ocean Breeze, Warm Cotton, White Tea & Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint, and Citronella. The scents which I’d like to try most are their LUXE collection scents which are inspired by different scents of hotels. I do a lot of staycations at different hotels so this was very interesting for me.

Another product from Mai Mason to check out is a spray called the Odour Away. It can eliminate microbes and nasty odors from enclosed spaced. They have scents like Kitchen Bless, Clean Space, and Anti-Tobacco to effectively get rid of nasty cigarette smells. Which product would you like to try most? Left you some of their product links below.

Mia Maison products price and links:
Clean Essentials Aero Spray with 300ml scent P1775 
S.A.M. unit – P4080 / with 100ml oil – P5010
LUXE collection scents 100ml – P825

Odour Away scents 100ml – P825

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