Please don’t kill me but i used to (bold letters for extra emphasis lol) think giving flowers as gifts was corny. “They die anyway”, “please give me jewelry instead” (not even the fancy ones, Forever21 accessories will do… as long as it’s not flowers). I’m one of those girls who keeps memorabilia in a treasure chest so that one day i can look through them while holding a guitar, singing T-Swift’s songs, and emoting to the max. Not sure why there’s a guitar in this scenario I don’t even know how to play one.

Anyway, this opinion on flowers being corny is now long gone. The more i get them the more i appreciate how their beauty makes me feel beautiful as well. Plus, its the age of take-photos-of-everything-beautiful… and these photos i could keep. 





The love of my life gave me a dozen of long stem pink roses last October. Instead of displaying them as is, or putting them in a vase — i used my old Chanel paper bag. The steps are pretty simple, measure and cut the flowers, make sure they have those small plastic pots with water to keep them alive and pretty as long as possible. Before you place them in your paper bag (which BTW doesn’t have to be from Chanel. It can be one of those gold and white gift bags from the gift shop) add some plastic inside the bag for extra protection. Thats it! I guess the moral here is do not throw away fancy paper bags and flowers. They look great as decor :)



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We’re back with another giveaway. This wasn’t supposed to go up this week but since my schedule is on steroids atm, i want it posted asap before things get busier. I have lots of shenanigans planned out for you and for this blog for the holidays, i hope i can accomplish them on time. 

As for the winner of the last giveaway — congratulations Maria Victoria for winning! And as always thank you to everyone who joined :) Come join my next pre-Christmas giveaway below. It’ll run until December 5, 2016. I’ll announce and contact the winner after that. You’ll be winning; Maybelline clear smooth powder (nude beige), white super fresh foundation (sand beige), baby lips lip balm (berry crush), maybelline pure blush mineral, maybelline color show lipstick pink punch, maybelline crayon eyeliner. Good luck! :)



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  • I am so in love with is, gorgeous idea. I have to admit I am guilty of thinking flowers are really corny too but that’s most likely because I have never received flowers as a gift. I am sure I would change my tune if I did haha, beautiful post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • thank you kiran! id love to send you a rose if i could!!

  • Samantha Aguilar

    I love your idea about that flowers arrangement! nakakasawa naman po kasi tlgang ilagay na lng ulit sa vase. Matutuyo rin naman po so tlgang while it lasts, why don’t we put it and serve it in a unique ways na mas gaganda pa tlga sila, dba po? Bet ko po idea mo madam! Ang sweet naman po ng partner mo! God Bless you both!

    • thanks samantha! this way pang pinterest ang peg <3

  • This is absolutely stunning and a great ways to use different paper bags from luxury stores!! So great :)
    Kathy x

  • I also have the same thinking about receiving flowers. I’d rather receive books rather than expensive flowers but my boyfriend surprised me with roses every single day last summer and it changed on how I thought about it. Roses could be pricey but the thought of making me happy was something priceless and very nakakakilig. Hehe :)

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit

    • aww THATS SO SWEET! kinilig ako dun! sometimes nga i wish we had a rose garden… i wonder if its hard to grow on…

  • Wow, this is such a simple but gorgeous DIY! I’ll definitely have to give this a shot – they look so beautiful!

    • thank you deb i had a feeling youd like this – well i was hoping you would! ^^

  • That’s adorable! I love getting flowers and I think I will try this out with a gift bag, I love the chic look. Plus then it makes them look like even more of a gift!


    • thank you thank you! you can also use those brown bags for a more nature like look :) its gonna look great on your cozy house you post on ig!

  • Tine Despares

    omg aww still remember the day you first shared to us your diy Chanel box sis! you always have the best DIYs ever and your photos always amazes me too! natawa ako sa guitar lmao when I read about you singing T-Swift’s song, I was like oh the queen knows how to play guitar!! hahaha I don’t know how to play guitar din sis and maybe never kasi it’s hard for me because I’m a leftie. I’d love to do this DIY sis and yes, perfect cya for fresh flowers especially when they’re roses! :D I always feel excited to read your DIY projects sis ad can’t wait to see what you have for us this Christmas ehehhe

    love lots,

    • hahahaha! youre a leftie pala! ay guitars are for the musically gifted lang talaga sis. im a righty and hirap na hirap ako lol thank you thank you! miss you

  • This is so pretty! I wish I had your imagination and skills. Having one of these laying around my room would be nice!

    Also this is an amazing photographic prop!

    • hehe thank you di! the ring light has improved my indoor photos by 10x times :D

  • I love this DIY. I shall attempt this one day. :)

    • thanks sis! let me know when you do would love to see it :)

  • welcome to my blog anne and thanks for listening to my makeup ramblings hehe! ^^

  • ay bibigyan kita lily if i could! thanks for joining and goodluck! :)