Snail Mails & Handmade Gifts

I have many moments where all my socials skills just disappear at the time I need them the most. It’s embarrassing. Like for example if I randomly bump into you at the mall, I could react very awkwardly — and you’d easily think I’m the oddest blogger you’ve ever met. I swear it’s like I’m half hermit.

But a larger part of me loves to make friends and get inspired by people like you. Which is why I’ve done gift swaps with some of the best bloggers in the world, and most recently a snail mail / DIY swap with Melissa. She’s like the Lauren Conrad inspiration of my life. She also makes me want to be a more contented person, which you’ll understand more when you read through her blog. In the meantime, look at how much thought and creativity she put into these! Melissa, you warmz my heartz.



These throw me back to my stone age days when my friends and I still wrote each other letters in school cause our parents thought we couldn’t be trusted with cellphones. Hope it’s okay that I’ve dissected some of these. I tore off the shayne-tag from an envelop and turned it into a bookmark, taped some quotes and (my fave) Hello Sunshine card on my bedroom wall (I love them all Melissa. Thank you thank you).

Guys click on over to bliss and birds. I wanna hear your thoughts on the box that I bedazzled, and the other accessories I made for her.


  • Love what you got and what ypu gave the blue bow is so sweet. Great idea.

  • Lovely homemade gifts. So sweet and they seem so sincere! ^__^

  • I am so so SO glad you liked all this :D You are the sweetest, Shayne thank you for all those things you've said about me :') It was so much fun doing this snail mail swap with you. Your comments always brighten up my days & I feel so blessed for having met you through our blogs! It's people like you that inspire me to keep blogging <3

  • I miss getting snail mall and writing letters! It's so sad that it really isn't a thing any more. I'm totally the same way too I'm so shy and awkward in person but really sociable online. I think it's just in a bloggers genes haha.

  • they took me back to my school days too, such cut e gifts and letters
    Keep in touch

  • Wow!!! you two are amazing sis!!! I opened her blog and checked her post! You are so talented sis!!! love what she gave you and what you gave her..ang cute!!!! You two are amazing photographers too!!!! super love! Love this kind of post from you! Totally beautiful and inspiring :D <3 super love!

    love lots,

  • You DIY skills <3 I wish I had them *-*
    Seriously, you do amazing things. I mean, I got emotionally hurt for having to rip out the wrapping of our last Swap, because of careful and well made it was :__; <3 I wish I could have skill like yours! (I might start to watch more DIY tutorials and try to work on that...)

    And the cards Melissa did for you are so pretty <3 I really want to get a more inspirational corner here at my desk area. there are days where bits and bobs like this just help out <3
    Take care*

  • This is really sweet. It makes me want to organize a local snail mail swap (but of course, the thought of organizing it all makes me go zzzzzz) hahahahaha!

  • so crafty and your mind is full of ideas…meron din akong crafty side, makalat nga lang ahahaha…really Nice

  • Awww, so sweet of you guys to swap those pretty gifts. I love anything handmade.. it's just full of warmth and care. ♥

  • These things throw me back to high school. Sigh.. Those were the days. :/

  • Adorbs! Honestly, I wish my girlfriends were more into this sort of thing :)) We usually get quirky, but not enough sweet.

  • Wow, this is so beautiful, wonderful post. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  • Aww, this is adorable. Reminds me of when I did an international makeup swap myself! This is so sweet!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • I absolutely love hand made products, these are adorable!

  • Aww, Melissa made the loveliest things :) this is such a wonderful post! It must have brought lots of smiles to your face. It did to mine and it's not even my snail mail :D haha

  • Aww.. that's really sweet and thoughtful! I love the idea of snail mail, it makes things so much more special.. In this generation where everything is about technology.. it's nice to have something tangible to keep as memories :) Such a cute idea! I remember my bestfriend in the Philippines and I used to send letters to each other when I moved here in NZ years ago.. but now we rely on facebook/messaging apps/skype hehe.. I kinda miss the years when people used to just send letters to each other instead of emails and online messages. Love your DIY skills Shayne.. you're so creative! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • So cute! I really like the way you styled these pictures too!

    7% Solution

  • Aw, how adorable! And how crafty! I definitely love the end result but I don't think I could bring myself to actually make all of it myself.

  • these photos are outstanding…and the messages on the paper are adorable!

  • Oh my these are so precious. :( I'd probably burst into tears of joy if I were to receive such inspirational crafts from a friend. :)

    Olive Needs Popeye

  • Oh wow Melissa! You and Shayne are both wonderful people! :)

  • Love this, such a wonderful idea with the swap. I am feeling inspired to get crafty over the weekend now. xo, Amanda

  • YOU JUST CALLED ME ONE OF THE BEST BLOGGERS IN THE WORLD, AWW YISS (that's what I took away from this post LOLjks)
    BUT lawd, meeting other bloggers for the first time is always awkward because offline interactions are a whole new thing. Anyways, love some of the stuff Melissa sent you (especially the bracelet!), and I will be off to check out her blog!

  • Hi Shayne, I miss you! hehehe.. This is such a sweet idea! now I'd love to get a snail mail from you! LOL
    Anyway, I'm going to Manila next week! Apr 22-25, going home on the 26th. I'd love to meetup if you're interested. hehe

  • Oh she melted my heart, that is such a thoughtful gesture and rare to get these days where digital and social media has taken over… That is really a wonderful gift to receive and those everyday messages and the sweet little gifts are just perfect in their own way…. Everybody needs a sunshine pal like Melissa in their life. Bless her heart and soul