Things To Wish For This 2015

Every year I like to write out a list of things I wish for. My friends and I used to sit together in a coffee shop and laugh at the fact that we all wished for the “right unrealistically perfect guy” to come along — God bless our innocent hearts. And then right before New Year we’d look back and celebrate which wishes were granted.

Okay so this wishlist is a bit different from the typical items list we all usually make. I wanna branch out from mainly blogging on products. I realized that writing and reading about (mostly) material possessions made me value them a lot more than I want to, and neglect the other good stuff in life.

In this post I tag these beautiful ladies; Diana, Melissa, Arya, Christine, Cj, and any one of you who wants to write your own list. I promise, it’ll be really fun to look back on later.



A fashion piece I’d like to have most.

Guys I’m so excited because I actually ended up buying this one online last week! Forgive me if I spam you with photos when it arrives. It’s a purse from Rebecca Minkoff that supposedly looks like the Chanel Le Boy bag. I was about to buy the black Mini M.A.C. but I didn’t want to pass on the other bag cause I heard it’s quite limited. Shall we start saving up for the Mini M.A.C. for Black Friday Sale?

A beauty product I’d like to have most.

You know how MAC has a huge collection of eyeshadow colors? Those things give me anxiety, I mean it’s a challenge to choose one light brown shade out of all the other similar five. But I think I’ll take on the challenge this year and assemble my own “custom made” MAC palette instead of adding another Naked Palette look-a-like in my stash.

A project I’d like to finish

I grew up obsessing over Summer Roberts (Seth and Summer love team woohoo!) of “The OC”. I even had my room painted lavender just like hers. And that was done years ago, during the i-love-sparkly-colorful-unicorns era. It’s about time I get my painting skillz to work and turn my bedroom walls beige… or maybe taupe.


A destination I’d like to visit.

Hogwarts in Florida! Omg yes! I’ll take Di, and all you Harry Potter fans with me if I could. Then we can all have Butter Beer at Hogsmeade.

I want to wear more of

Okay forget the challenge of going to the gym — the bigger struggle is depriving myself of Turtle Pie (if you live in Manila you’ve got to try Conti’s Turtle Pie, that cake is made by angels). So if and when I finally get that Miranda-Kerr-ab-lines to show up on my stomach… I will shop, wear more bikinis like I’ve never done before. Willing to migrate to a beach if needed.

Food I want to eat more of

More veggies, which is also what I call… the biggest lie I’ve ever told hahaha — in all seriousness though, I really want to teach myself to eat healthier this year.

A new skill to master

Counting my blessings. It helps cure negativity and insecurity. The other day, I was on my bed thinking how I lack so much in life. Then suddenly Bentley (the Yorkie above giving you the puppy eyes look) crawled next to me, flipped his tummy over, which means “mom please rub my tummy”. And just like that, I felt very blessed and more contented.