MAC Mehr Lipstick “Kylie Jenner Makeup Look”

Not gonna lie, the first time I saw a picture of Kylie with her suddenly-fuller lips, I didn’t like it very much. I thought she was prettier before then. Plus, she’s too young to have them surgically done — if she did. People say she could also be just overdrawing her lips with a lip pencil. Do you guys believe that?

So I wasn’t a huge fan of her new lips until I recreated her makeup look on me. Next thing you know I’m at my laptop ordering Velvet Teddy, Whirl, and Spice (the other MAC shades Kylie most prolly use). I got it online yesterday, so something to look forward to here, yay! This shade I’m wearing here is called MAC Mehr.

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kylie jenner’s lipstick shade?

Kylie made Mehr really popular it was sold out at a lot of MAC stores. I know this because we basically called shamelessly disturbed every MAC store in the Philippines looking for it. I believe this is just one of the shades Kylie could be using. Kim K. mentioned that Kylie wears MAC lip pencils; Soar, Whirl, or Spice.

I’ve seen girls achieve Kylie’s makeup look using a mixture of these lip liners and MAC lipsticks Mehr or Velvet Teddy. For me, Mehr, which is a beautiful medium mauve pink shade works perfectly fine. It’s an opaque matte finish so it draws attention to the lips and that means you’ll have to really exfoliate and moisturize first before wearing Mehr, cause it is quite drying. My lips look horrendous up close when I skip those steps.

Another downside is this shade can look dull and borderline goth-ish. But I learned that if I slather up enough foundation-concealer-contour powders to create a flawless base, pair it with lightly smoked eye makeup then is very pretty. I wear this makeup look almost everyday since I got this lipstick, and it receives many compliments.

Now if you want to enhance your lips more like Kylie does, you’ll need a darker lip liner —  I used NYX Mauve lip pencil but I don’t fully recommend its quality —  to contour, and overdraw your lips. I skipped the overdrawing part cause my lips are big and I’m gonna look like a big ol’ clown if I don’t. you’re also going to have to dab some highlighter — I used MAC soft and gentle highlighter — on your cupids bow and at the center of your lower lip.

Even if Kylie didn’t wear this lipstick shade I still would really like it and purchase it cause it’s very beautiful. But Mehr wouldn’t really catch my attention if it wasn’t for her. So Kylie thanks for posting a hundred photos of your lips on Instagram! I’ll have more of “her MAC lip shades” coming soon so I’ll also be reviewing those for you sometime in the future. Don’t you think it’s a great idea for MAC to create a Kylie Jenner Viva Glam Lipstick?