Snail Mails & Handmade Gifts

I have many moments where all my socials skills just disappear at the time I need them the most. It’s embarrassing. Like for example if I randomly bump into you at the mall, I could react very awkwardly — and you’d easily think I’m the oddest blogger you’ve ever met. I swear it’s like I’m half hermit.

But a larger part of me loves to make friends and get inspired by people like you. Which is why I’ve done gift swaps with some of the best bloggers in the world, and most recently a snail mail / DIY swap with Melissa. She’s like the Lauren Conrad inspiration of my life. She also makes me want to be a more contented person, which you’ll understand more when you read through her blog. In the meantime, look at how much thought and creativity she put into these! Melissa, you warmz my heartz.



These throw me back to my stone age days when my friends and I still wrote each other letters in school cause our parents thought we couldn’t be trusted with cellphones. Hope it’s okay that I’ve dissected some of these. I tore off the shayne-tag from an envelop and turned it into a bookmark, taped some quotes and (my fave) Hello Sunshine card on my bedroom wall (I love them all Melissa. Thank you thank you).

Guys click on over to bliss and birds. I wanna hear your thoughts on the box that I bedazzled, and the other accessories I made for her.



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