The Funny Story of How I Got Into Perfumes In Highschool

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume

I received the sexiest perfume scent from Jimmy Choo this Christmas and it triggered two memories that got me all nostalgic. First is Sex and The City, one of my all-time favorite shows. Jimmy Choo Fever is something I could imagine Carrie Bradshaw, who was always rocking a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes throughout the show, would wear on a girls night out in New York. This plum & gold perfume smells a bit musky, sweet but at the same time a little bit intimidating in the way that it presents a strong, confident, glamorous, and sexy woman much like the girls of Sex and The City.

The second thing I remembered is how I got into perfumes in the first place. You’d think I was introduced to it by another girl — a friend, my mom, or a tita — but nope. Oddly enough it was because of a group of guys in my high school. They were like the little Backstreet Boys or One Direction of the school. If by any small chance they read this they might not like that comment haha!  They were popular for being cool, cute, or both, and girls had crushes on them.

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Their classroom is right beside mine so I became friends with a few of them and that’s when I noticed that each guy in the group had their own signature perfume scent. It was sort of a running joke that you know one of them is passing through the hall if there is a whiff of expensive perfume in the air. That’s when I decided that I was going to follow their example. I went to the mall, bought my first high-end perfume, and wore it to school.

I thought if I could get my crush to notice me or have an impact on him like these guys in my school had for their perfumes then we’re golden haha! After all I also wanted to test out if what I read in the magazine saying perfumes are effective aphrodisiac is true. And friends, it worked! My crush approached me one day and asked if i was wearing Tommy. Syempre i was so kilig back then lol! 

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume
Heart note:Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine
Top note:Black Plum Nectar, Lychee, Grapefruit
Base note: Roasted Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Sandalwood

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I thought it was a funny trick. But even though I got hooked on perfumes for a shallow reason, what really got me more into collecting perfumes after that is the sense of identity I got from having my own signature scent. I enjoyed expressing my personality through fragrance, just the same as I do with the clothes I wear.

So I collected a few more perfumes I thought matched my character that I could wear on different occasions. Something that smells fresh to wear during daytime at school, something a little sophisticated for my under-my-curfew night parties, and something powerful to wear when I want a little boost of confidence…  Jimmy Choo Fever falls in between the sophisticated and powerful category. It’s a nice addition to a lady’s perfume collection.

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume Price:
Big 3.3oz : P6298
Medium 2oz : P4798
Small 1.3oz : P3098

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