Tips On How To Care For Your Sick Pet

It’s been almost a month since my Yorkie, Luna got into an accident. We were at a place she wasn’t familiar with so she was extra anxious and hyper. She kept moving around then accidentally fell and hit her spine on the floor. It happened in a heartbeat, but for me, it felt like time froze. I rushed to her. She tried to walk it off right away but she instantly fell flat on the floor again because her right hind leg was completely paralysed. Guys, it was one of the scariest moments of my life! I thought I lost her.

I’ll tell you all about the details as you read along, but just to give you an idea of her condition, Luna suffered from a compressed spine (IVDD or Invertebral Disc Disease), possible pinch motor nerve, and an injury on her right knee (that her doctor said could’ve been present before her accident).  I wanted to share with you the lessons I learned on from this terrifying experience as a lending hand to any fur-parent who needs it. We also want to thank everyone who sent their concerns, well wishes, prayed for Luna on social media. It was comforting to experience support from you guys, and it means a lot to us.


The kind of help you’ll need depends on your pet’s condition, but as much as possible get her checked asap to avoid further damage. Luna’s accident happened at 11PM so we rushed & spent hours driving around town looking for a 24-hour ER. My heart sank every time we drove by a closed clinic. Thankfully, a group of kind veterinarians opened their doors when we knocked. They gave Luna medicines which we later found out avoided possible permanent damage. Also, always prepare money and time for when you’ll need medicines, X-ray tests,  Ortho doctor fees, & weekly PT.


My first Yorkie, Bentley passed away from a similar accident. It was easy for me to think of the worst case scenario with Luna. I was so stressed & afraid she might be permanently paralysed or in so much pain. I thought, I should’ve prevent the accident. If only I rushed to her faster, trained her more… Even though in my head i knew that it was unexpected & unintentional, I can’t easily shake off the guilt. I went through depression, lost weight, stability & focus. Thankfully, I later on learned to redirect my energy away from negativity & focus on taking care of her instead. If you ever feel bad, go to your pet, pray for her, clean her crate… this way you channel all your concerns into productive actions.

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Create a safe environment for your pet as she recovers since she could be feeling discomfort or pain. The doctor asked us to confine her in her carrier to restrict her movements as she heals. Luna is very playful & this made her uneasy. So we scheduled a new routine for her, this way she knows what to expect every day. We carried her outside for fresh air, later on set up her recovery playpen, & turned her at-home therapy (heat, massage, stretching, exercise) into her playtime by giving her favorite organic treats (she’s so picky with food lol!) for motivation.


Prepare a list of your questions about your pet before you see your vet so you won’t forget anything. In case you do, it’s okay to call the clinic to ask questions before your next appointment. Do your own research on pets who went through the same thing online, but always consult your findings with your vet first before implementing it. We learned online a bicycle-like  exercise that her doctor later on agreed to add to her daily routine. This helped Luna learn to bend her knees and eventually walk again.


Some pets, like dogs, can feel their masters emotions. When you’re worried, your pet can feel that too. The same goes with when you feel encouraged that she will recover, your pet will feel hope and could lighten up her pain. Luna couldn’t stand at all after the accident. It was rewarding and humbling to watch her slowly learn to walk again. We praised her when she first stood up with out falling, and celebrated her every milestone till she could walk in our yard for 10 minutes without falling. Right now, we’re helping her leg be more flexible and strong. We are hopeful in prayers that she will get back to normal soon.

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