The New Nivea MicellAIR Water Makeup Cleansers

Nivea is probably one of the oldest brands that I know of because of my cousin, JayJay. She has the smoothest looking skin. She was like my real-life-snow-white I looked up to growing up. My skin was darker and dry then so I asked her (or maybe it was my mom, or my tita) what her secret was and found out that she uses the Nivea cream religiously. As soon as I hit puberty and I was finally allowed to buy my own kikay products, I immediately bought the Nivea cream in this tiny-little-blue-can at the grocery store after school. I loved it so much that until now I still use it. So I was thrilled to discover that they released MicellAIR water cleansers.

I use this type of cleanser a lot because you don’t need to rinse after application. There’s always at least one or two bottles stored on my bedside ala-evan-almighty-skincare-drawer (because it’s white and it’s super long) for nights that I’m too lazy to wash my face in the bathroom which, I’m ashamed to admit, happens all the time.

Nivea came up with two types of alcohol-free MicellAIR cleansers, which I appreciate because my skin didn’t feel dry immediately after use and even after days of using it. Both variants effectively remove light to medium make up. It might need a little help if your make up is heavy or intensely waterproof. But it’s still better than other drugstore cleansers that I’ve used. Given its low price I think you get a nice bargain out of it. It has easily made it into my favorite cleanser list.

How I Use It: Pour the micellar water cleanser on a cotton pad then gently hold the cotton pad on your face. Let it sit there for a few seconds to give the product time to cleanse and dissolve the make up. Then gently wipe the cotton pad on your face. Don’t drag it too much on your skin to avoid getting wrinkles.

Nivea MicellAir Cleanser in Extra White for my combination skin type


I wasn’t 100% sure what the difference between the two variants was so I did some research and found out that (1) Extra White (pink label) is made for skin brightening, while (2) Acne Clear (blue label) is made for those with sensitive skin types.

I have combination skin type and I thankfully don’t get pimples easily so I’m leaning towards Extra White. But I also tried Acne Clear, just for the sake of testing it out for you. To be honest I didn’t find any significant differences between them. But that’s probably because I don’t have skin irritation at the moment to test it on, and also because I feel like my face is already brightened up by the other potent brightening skincare products I use. I usually can tell if a product is effective, if it either illuminates my skin even more or if my skin appears duller after using a new product. In this case, my skin just maintained the amount of brightness it already had that I’m satisfied with.

Nivea MicellAIR Water Cleanser – Extra White & Acne Clear Price : 125ml for P99 and 200ml for P169 | Available at Watsons, or selected supermarkets

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