The Micellar Water I’ve Been Using For Years

Loreal Paris Micellar Water — What type of cleanser do you like the most — facial wash, makeup wipes, cleansing balm, gel, or oil? I always make sure I have at least one micellar water with me. It’s every lazy girls BFF, since you don’t need to rinse it off after you use it to remove your makeup. For the past two years my go-to brand has always been L’Oreal. I originally used the pink bottle (for dry skin) but I switched to the blue bottle (for sensitive skin) just recently to test it out again. My friend who happens to also be a good dermatologist explained to me that too much moisture we get from products meant for dry skin is not always good for us. So when I notice my skin becoming more oily as the weather changes (or as the amount of stress i have in life changes lol!) I switch some of my skincare products as well.

If you’re not familiar with Micellar Cleansers yet, a simple explanation would be — it has two major layers to love; the Micellar layer which acts like a magnet that lifts off dirt, oil, and makeup, and a Cleansing layer that gently cleanses, hydrates, and moisturize the skin. I love that it is alcohol and fragrance free as well.


No Rinse Cleanser

What you do is shake the micellar water and then pour it on a cotton pad. Press the cotton pad on your skin for around 5 seconds and gently wipe your face as it dissolves and removes your makeup. No need to rinse after that. I keep a bottle of this in my bedside table all the time. I’m also happy to report that I didn’t get a bad reaction to it this time. It was effective for me at cleansing most makeup I use, but sometimes needs help with a few of my more stubborn and hard-to-remove mascaras. Nevertheless it is a good cleanser especially for its price range.

Have you tried this yet? What variant do you use?

Loreal Micellar Water Cleanser
Price P225 for 250ml bottle

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Loreal Micellar Water Cleanser available in Watsons & Lazada

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