5 Female Singers I Love & How I Listen to Their Music

Music was life for me growing up. My ears were glued to the radio (huge fan of 89.9’s Sunday Slow Down), I watched MTV videos non-stop like it was my job to memorize the lyrics to every Spice Girls song ever released… Oh those were the days when I had too much free time to spare haha! I slowly lost touch with music as life became busier, but thankfully found a way back to it when I got into fitness and blogging. My workout at the gym just feels so incomplete without my “do-more-planking” playlist on my pink iPod. I’m also the type who gets more productive with work when there’s music (or audiobooks) playing in the background.

I’m glad I found a way to listen to my favorite songs while still being productive. I use these cute white gold Sudio Regent wireless headphones with my laptop, the Sudio TVA wired earphones is for my old clip-on iPod, and lastly, I can’t wait to pair Sudio’s Vasa Bla wireless earphones with the new Fitbit Versa I got last week! I love how these products feel like fashion accessories because of their aesthetic looks but at the same time the quality of sound they produce is good. And since I’m currently updating my playlist for my new Fitbit, let me share with you my top five female artists on that list.

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I found her PYT cover on YouTube when she wasn’t super famous yet. I thought, “how on earth is she not a star already?”. It took awhile before she became known so I felt super satisfied & proud when she finally got the spotlight she deserves. I love how she didn’t compromise her beliefs too. She stayed true to herself and that made her music authentic & moving. Her song Never Alone brought me closer to God many times.


You guys, you have to listen to Ari’s new album Sweetener. Specifically the songs Raindrops, R.E.M., and Goodnight n Go (it reminds me so much of Summer & Seth’s love story, aw The OC!). Ariana has such an angelic voice. I wish she’d release more ballads and slow songs that showcase her voice more. Although I also love her faster songs like One Last Time, and Be Alright.

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The way she came back strong from the Kim Kardashian / Kanye West drama was epic. I thought her career would be over after the scandal. I’ve been a victim of gossip. Old friends & strangers spread painful judgements about me. I was young & vulnerable then so their actions really broke me. I wish I knew about Taylor’s story then, it would’ve helped me feel less helpless from being scrutinized. I just love how vulnerable she is in Delicate & in most of her songs. It makes her music very relatable.


She is Queen B for a reason. I loved her as a part of Destiny’s Child (best girl group ever! Say My Name  gives me goosebumps until now) and I love her as a solo artist. Even though I can’t relate  to her recently released songs so much, she’ll always be a symbol of what a strong, independent, sexy, and powerful woman is.


Her album Fantasy is particularly memorable for me because it was the first album that my teenage self was ever obsessed with. I’d play the cassette tape  (yes guys, we’re very old school here haha!) from beginning to end, rewind, and repeat! Always Be My Baby was the kilig-song I listened to when I thought about my crushes! Her image now is a bit out of my preference but I honestly love almost all her songs.

It has noise cancelling feature.

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