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Not your ordinary push up bra and bikini

So I started off with a pretty bold title and, you guys, I really mean it. I’ve never been so thrilled to share a lingerie discovery. I found the best bra made to give more cleavage to smaller cup sizes and more lift to women with larger cup sizes.

I have a big chest and one of my struggles in life is to find a strapless push up bra and bikini top that doesn’t slide down after hours of wearing it. I once wore a strapless bikini from a different brand at the beach that almost completely came off after getting hit with a series of big waves! Yikes! In fairness those waves were quite aggressive, but just to be safe I stopped wearing strapless swimwear tops after that. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive my new Upbra Miraculous Stay Up Strapless Bra (price $89 USD) and Upbra Bikini in solid black (price $84 USD, the swimsuit bottom is $22) are. As far as I know they both have the same design, the only difference is the material they’re made with.


Above:Upbra Miraculous Stay Up Strapless Bra (came with two removable, adjustable straps)
Below: Upbra Bikini (came with two medium length, removable halter straps)

Below: Upbra cleavage control straps and different levels of locking strip



Activelift Technology

To begin with, Upbra has push up paddings that instantly give my chest maximum lift. It also has a firm but comfortable frame that holds my breasts up nicely. Around its straps is an outline made of soft rubber-like material that helps keep the bra in place when worn. And the best part of Upbra (and what makes it a “holy grail” bra) is that you can adjust your cleavage (amount of push) you want with it’s two hidden “cleavage control” straps underneath the bra that you can hook to its hidden pockets / locking strip. The farther you hook your straps the more the bra will push your boobs together creating the cleavage you want that will compliment your outfits.

You guys, those straps are the best boob hacks and the key to achieve an ala Kim Kardashian / Kylie Jenner cleavage. Upbra comes in four different variants: Cleavage, Lift, Stapless, Comfort, and a swimsuit line that I really wish they would expand more on. If you’re looking for a bra that will give you a good support, lift, cleavage, and can enhance your hourglass figure then you’ll love the Upbra line. If it’s your first time trying the brand, I recommend you get the Upbra Miraculous Stay Up Strapless Bra so you’ll have the option wear the bra in different ways.


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