What’s Your Perfect Valentine’s Date?



What would be the perfect Valentine’s Day date for you? Mine, as corny as it may sound, is a nice stay-at-home date. Get me a cute tipi tent, fairy lights, good movies to marathon, a selection of foods i love, and of course the love of my life and we’re good to go! Intimate but relaxed and most of all a good way to avoid the insane V-day traffic in the city hehe!

I go on a strict diet for most of the year, but as a special treat I allow myself to indulge on food on the holidays. So bring in the cheese platter, chocolates, truffles… Heart shaped doughnuts? Yes please. I have here the Valentine’s Day heart-shaped doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. The sparkly ruby glazed doughnut (Strawberry Peach flavor) is the prettiest of them all. And the red & white doughnut (Red Velvet) is the creamiest, most delicious. You can catch these adorable desserts from February 1 to 18 at your Krispy Kreme stores or have them delivered using their chatbots on Facebook Messenger or Viber public account Krispy Kreme PH.


Above: White Chocolate Mascarpone, a white chocolate-dipped doughnut filled with mild and creamy Mascarpone cheese. Strawberry Peach, a ruby strawberry-glazed doughnut filled with Peach Kreme with a tasty Peppero almond stick.

Above: Red Velvet with creamy New York cheesecake filling, Chocolate Strawberry filled with Strawberry Kreme dipped in glaze and drizzled in Belcolade ganache.
 Krispy Kreme Valentines Day doughnut price P50 fo each doughnut P450 for a dozen.

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