Maybelline just launched a new group of lipsticks for us to swatch and collect. It’s called the Inti Matte Nudes Lipsticks, which BTW I first read as “anti matte lipsticks”… “hmm it’s against matte lipsticks?” lol! It’s basically a collection of warm nude lipsticks shades with golden undertones made to look like an MLBB, aka “my lips but better” color on asian skin tones. And it’s only P299 (price goes lower on sale dates which happens often). It’s a mixture of two of my favorite lipstick formulas from Maybelline; Creamy Mattes and Powder Mattes that you can spot on their label.

The Creamy Mattes lipsticks glides super smoothly on the lips, and last the whole day with slight fading that starts after 6 hours (darker shades lasts longer, fades less). It’s demi matte — close to satin, but definitely not as matte and as drying as the Kylie Jenner lip kits. They’re fairly pigmented and buildable, but not opaque so it may look slightly different on each girl depending on how pigmented her lips are. My lips are pretty pigmented so i think these appear just a tad bit darker on my lips.

The Powder Mattes, compared to the Creamy Mattes are smoother, feels lighter, and it’s more powdery matte. Generally, these lipsticks last for about 3-4 hours on me before they start to fade. The lighter shades fade faster than the darker ones and it usually starts from the inner ring of the lips especially when you drink or eat. They are semi opaque, a bit less pigmented than the Creamy Mattes, but you can build up the color to a certain density that looks nice. You also need to make sure that your lips are well moisturized before using these lipsticks because it can easily show any imperfections.



Maybelline Inti Matte Nudes Lipsticks (left to right) Nude Illusion, Just a Teaser, Touch of Nude, Make me Blush, Chili Nude, Almond Pink, Pretty Please, Toasted Brown, Raw Cocoa, Walnut

maybelline-inti-matte-nudes-lipsticks-05 maybelline-inti-matte-nudes-lipsticks-04D



My favorite shade from this collection that I always recommend to anyone looking for a Maybelline lipstick is their popular shade Touch of Nude. It’s a beautiful MLBB (my lips but better) warm medium pinkish nude, that I constantly wear. It’s my “comfort zone” lipstick. It’s the type of makeup you automatically reach out for when you’re in a hurry cos you know it’ll look good on no matter what. The new shades I’ve encountered with that I like the most are Almond Pink, a darker, mauvier version of Touch of Nude which I’m wearing on the photo above. And lastly is Pretty Please, a very pigmented warm berry red shade, a bit too dark to pass as an MLBB shade for me but I like it for its vibrant but still very wearable color.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? Which one is your fave shade?





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