You guys, this is probably the longest master swatch list I’ve ever done. Matte lipsticks are my favorite kind of lipsticks so I was extra excited to review the Maybelline Powder Matte Lipsticks (Price P299). Compared to their Creamy Matte Brown Nudes that I love love love (one of the best drugstore lipsticks i’ve had), the PML formula is a bit different — it’s smoother, feels lighter, and it’s more powdery matte.

Emphasis on powdery. BTW it’s not the Polvoron type of powdery, which is what i thought at first during the launch (I had PMS cravings lol). By powdery, I meant it looks as if you gently dabbed a thin layer of powder on your lips to make it look fluffier, softer, and more Kylie Jenner lips-like.

Generally, these lipsticks last for about 3-4 hours on me before they start to fade. The lighter shades fade faster than the darker ones and it usually starts from the inner ring of the lips especially when you drink or eat. They are semi opaque, a bit less pigmented than the Creamy Mattes, but you can build up the color to a certain density that looks nice. You also need to make sure that your lips are well moisturized before using these lipsticks because it can easily show any imperfections. Let me swatch all 15 shades of Maybelline Powder Matte lipsticks for you to help you pick which ones to try first.


maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price plum perfection, cherry chic, noir red, get red dy, red dy red maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price nude illusion, make me blush, touch of nude, barely there maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price maybelline-powder-mattes-lipstick-swatches-review-photos-price pink shot, technically pink, up to date, pink potion, fuchsia flash, mauve it up



Red, Pink, Nude

The “Reds” for me are the prettiest, most pigmented, and long lasting lipsticks from this collection. Even though some of them look similar to each other, the slightest difference meant a lot when worn. Get Red-Dy is a classic bold “sexy power red” lipstick that I love and wore on my intro photo above. I also like “intimidation-nation” Cherry Chic, which is a muted brick red that makes me look and feel like a mature business tycoon, and it’s slightly plum-ish version Plum Perfection.

I like bright Fuchsia Flash from the Pink collection. It reminds me of Adriana Lima’s iconic Victorias Secret blow-a-kiss photo, would’ve looked 10x nicer on me if i had blue eyes like hers. And last but definitely not the least is Maybelline’s bestselling sold-out-on-most-counters shade is Touch of Nude. It’s a flattering peachy pink MLBB (my lips but better) shade that I wore the most. If you can only get one color from this collection, try this shade, you’re going to like it!

What are your top 3 shades from this collection?


kelsey merritt maybelline girl

Congratulations to our new Maybelline girl to Kelsey Merritt,
who looked perfect on every angle during the launch!




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Maybelline Philippines | FacebookDisclaimer: These products were sent to me to test out and review. All my opinion and experiences stated here are 100% honest and true. 


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