I’m used to riding small cars. For many years my dad drove me to school with his small black cars. And I eventually grew up driving my own small black car. There’s something charming and cozy about them. But I’ve always been curious of big macho SUVs, considering if should I upgrade to a bigger car someday — Are they hard to park (God knows how challenging parking is for me!)? Does a person as tiny as me really need that much space?

PS. How cute is Luna pretend driving the car!

Which is why I got really excited to test drive this white Ford Ecosport for a week. You guys, It is gorgeous. You know when girls talk about their preference in men and some women would say “oh I like guys with a medium built body, not too bulky that they look too intimidating, but not too small either”. The Ford Ecosport’s exterior felt exactly like that. It’s a stylish compact SUV that gives off an adventurous vibe that I feel would pair well with people with active lifestyle. So it was just fitting to bring it with us to our trip to Tagaytay over the long ASEAN Summit weekend.




I won’t pretend I know a lot about cars, but let me just say that overall our ride with the Ford Ecosport was smooth and comfortable. The steering wheel has a nice grip and weighed a lot less than the other big cars I’ve tried to drive before. The throttle was very responsive and had enough power to quickly accelerate when needed. I wish we drove this to my recent Baguio trip! Most of all I love how the suspension was able to soften most of the bumps, holes, or irregularities in the road, especially during the few times we had to go off road. I have a sensitive spine so I appreciated this a lot!

I was impressed at how generous the space was inside the cabin and the cargo area. It’s usually hard for me to bring my things to trips when I’m sharing the car with many passengers but this time I had no problems bringing my luggage bag, carry-ons, and even my portable spotlight. Yes guys, we did bring a spotlight to a vacation lol! There was more than enough space, so we thought why not, just in case we need it for a few photos. I also like how its rear end can easily transform into a “tambayan” for friends to sit on when you’re parked on a mountain looking over the sunset. Overall, I have a newfound love for compact SUVs. Who knows, maybe the next car I get would be something in this size as well.


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