I love lockets. It brings out the hopeless romantic in me and makes me feel like one of those damsel in distress in fairytales who lost her prince, but will later on be reunite with him anyway. Lockets are personal. They hold memories that you can carry with you everywhere you go… literally. I had a heart shaped locket that holds photos of my love ones. The new lockets nowadays can hold more things inside — charms, symbols, and even printed notes. Much like this beautiful locket from Lock Its.

Lock Its is a jewelry brand that lets you customize your own locket. You pick the locket frame that comes in different sizes, colors (silver, gold, rosegold), and shapes. This will hold your coin, the design you place in the locket which you can interchange. Some coins have charms in them, artsy figure, and printed notes like “best mom ever” for Mothers Day. Then you pick the style, color, and length of your necklace chain.





They had tons of designs to choose from that it took me hours to customize my necklace. I couldn’t pick between this rosegold necklace and another one that came in a silver cute key-shaped frame. I even had a mini poll with my friends to pick which piece is cuter. The struggle was real lol!

In the end my love for shiny rosegold things won and I couldn’t be any happier. I ended up getting their studded locket frame size 25mm, flower coin with stones from their summer collection, and an anchor chain 70cm long. All in rosegold. If you’re rosegold obsessed like I am, you’ll fall in love with this necklace. It has great quality, very dense and shiny-shimmery.




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The prices of their lockets are around P5000

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