First time I’ve heard of the Johnsons Milk Baby Bath I felt a bit shy to use it. Its for babies, what would my friends say if they find out? (giving in to peer pressure lol!) Then these friends started using the same product and raved at how moisturizing these are on the skin. So I tried it and saw why it was such a crowd  fave pick-me-up body wash.

That was ages ago. Now Johnsons came up with a new formula that has 200% more skin vitamins than their previous formulation to hydrate your skin even more and bring it back to its healthy baby like smooth state. It comes in two variants Milk + Rice and Milk + Oats. Both smells heavenly! I love it for its scent! I kind of wish I had a tub full of these so I could luxuriously bathe in milk like Cleopatra.





Johnsons Milk + Rice Baby Bath is made to nourish the skin making it softer and smoother. Johnsons Milk + Oats Baby Bath is meant to provide more nourishments from collodial oats which is proven to help smooth skin irritation and restore damaged skin.They’re both very moisturizing and more hydrating than most soaps and body wash that I use. Plus they really do make me skin feel smooth and super soft. They’re also known to be gentle and hypoallergenic so this could be your bestfriend if you have sensitive skin.

I wouldn’t recommend these as an everyday body wash for adults cos I feel like its too gentle for that purpose. But these products are great to use on days when you either want to give yourself an affordable luxury pampering shower, or if you need an extra boost of moisture on your skin. I’ve been using the Milk + Rice a lot lately for this purpose cos it has been raining nonstop and the cold weather is drying up my skin.




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  • Kiran says:

    Oh my it does sound like it smells delicious, I actually really like using baby body products because I know they are formulated to be really gentle and neonate friendly. My skin on my arms is super sensitive bizarrely so I love to use johnson’s baby bath products haha, great post! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | YouTube

  • Deborah says:

    I use baby soap for my body too! I really should try this specific line from Johnson’s!

  • Michele de Guia Ereño says:

    I really love the smell of this milk products from J&J’s. I ‘m more of a soap person in this type, the milk bath is most of the time for my bunso’s bath time.

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