Who’s the first Princess that comes to your mind when you see this skin whitening brand? — I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Snow White. You know, the girl whose lips are as red as a rose, hair as black as ebony… and skin as white as snow. Whoever came up with the brand name is a marketing genius! Especially since Snow Skin Whitening products have 7 active ingredients (same number as Snow’s dwarves) that are proven to work wonders in whitening the skin, lightening dark spots / scars, uneven skin tone, and protects skin from signs of aging.

These Elite 7 Skin Whitening Actives are — IBR TCLC (Tomato Colorless Carotenoids), IBR-Snowflake, 7 Plant Extract from the Swiss Alps, BearBerry Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Beta Glucan and Phenylethyl Resorcinol.

The quality control of their products was on point as well. Each of them are well labeled with expiration dates. The soaps are sealed in plastic, while the lotions and creams come in sturdy bottles with pumps that keeps you in control of how much product to dispense and at the same time protects the freshness of it. I’ve always prefered these pumps over skincare products stored in an open jar.





Their Snow Skin Whitening Lotion (price P799) has a nice sweet floral scent that fades away after some time. It’s thinner than their facial cream. It’s moisturizing but not sticky, and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. Its best feature — It has an instant glowing and smoothing effect that made my skin appear more even. Instant guys, as in seconds after the product touched my skin I noticed the change. My skin got brighter and lighter pa after a week of using it. It does reach a certain whitening cap after about a little more than a month but I’m personally satisfied by the amount of skin lightening and glow I get from it.

The Snow Skin Whitening Cream (price P1499) has a perfume-like musky scent that lingers after you use it. My friend is into this stuff, the more scented the product is the more she loves it. I’m personally sensitive to scented products, so it took awhile before I got used to its strong scent. Compared to their lotion, the cream is much thicker in texture and more potent. It’s multipurpose. You can use this as a facial moisturizer and use it on your dark areas or scars for a more concentrated whitening effect. I used it on my elbow and noticed it lighten after four days of use. A little goes a long way with this cream so even though the price is high, in a way you also save up using it ‘cos one bottle can last a long time.


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The Snow Pore Minimizer Toner is meant to remove dead skin cells, clogged pores, and acne, while minimizing the pores. It’s a bit tingly on the face so instead of using it daily, I used it twice or thrice a week. My face has always been sensitive to facial toners. I honestly worried that my skin was going to dry out and break out from this but I’m happy to report that it didn’t. My pores are naturally small so I’m not in a position where I could say how strongly it lessened the appearance of my pores but I noticed that my skin looked smoother after every use.

The Snow Skin Whitening Soap (price P149) has a light coconut-like scent. I suggest you cut the soap into halves before use to preserve it longer. It gives off a squeaky clean feeling after use and a little tingling sensation. I feel like this is one of their most effective and potent whitening products. It really does lighten my skin fast. Like I noticed an immediate skin whitening and brightening effect right after bath, before I put on their lotion. You just have to be careful with how frequent you’re going to use it, especially if you’re prone to dryness. It’s a bit too strong for me so instead of using it daily, I dialed it down to three times a week.




Have you tried any these yet? If you want to try the brand for the first time, I recommend you start with the lotion. It’s my current fave from this brand These products are available at Watson’s, Mercury Drugstore, Southstar drugstores, and Lazada.

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