Belated Happy National Doughnuts day friends! I lost most of the photos we took that day but thank goodness I was able to salvage a few. I really enjoyed Krispy Kreme BGC’s design-your-own-doughnut event. They let us in their kitchen and allowed us to be a doughnut Van Gohg for a day. Photos of my first Krispy Kreme DIY attempts below. How did I do?

PS. Have you seen Krispy Kreme’s cameo at the latest Power Rangers movie? Experienced some intense craving after that, thanks to you Rita Repulsa lol!

I’m still hungover from it actually. I rarely eat doughnut cos of my strict diet but I made an exemption for that day and… the days after. Their Original Glazed Doughnut and Vanilla Creme (with oreos) are very addicting. These are one of my favorite pick-me-up desserts of all time.


shayne-naidas-krispy-kreme-national-doughnut-day-01shayne-naidas-krispy-kreme-national-doughnut-day-03 shayne-naidas-krispy-kreme-national-doughnut-day-02

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