Looking at this skin care line reminded of how I felt when Zoella launched her own line of beauty products, only this time it’s closer to home. I got excited over how cute the packaging are and I felt like I can trust the products more since I knew that the person behind the brand is meticulous when it comes to beauty products. After all, In Her Element is by Liz Lanuzo who’s also the founder and Editor-in-Cheif of one of the most successful beauty websites in the Philippines, Project Vanity.

In Her Element products are #aesthetics (packaging is so pretty!), cruelty-free, locally produced (proudly Pinoy), and are made of quality natural botanical ingredients. A quick note before I go into the details, I have a combination skin type (oily T-zone and dry cheeks) and my skin isn’t sensitive although I still get irritation from a few skincare and makeup products.




First wash
cleansing oil

Price P450

Let’s start with the First Wash Cleansing Oil, which I have to say at first i thought was going to be a lot of work, “hmm first wash? So that means i have to follow it up with a second wash?” (#tamadmode). But after just a few days of using it, I’ve grown to like its natural soothing aromatic mild scent. I’ve also grown to love its velvety texture and its warm-and-fuzzy-feelz. As in it’s literally warm on the face, guys. I’m not sure if its silver bottle pump is intended to do this or if the product turns warm ‘cos my bathroom is hot in the afternoon. It’s like those warm facial spa procedures and it made me enjoy the extra step added to my facial-spa-like routine.

My skin feels moisturized after washing and it did remove some of my makeup although it can’t completely remove my waterproof mascara and stubborn matte lip creams. It’s really made for a double cleansing routine. My entire makeup only came off completely after the second cleansing step with In Her Element’s Low PH Rose Gel Cleanser.



Price P675

My nose is extremely sensitive to fragrances. Even if I like a scent I still end up nauseous from it, which is why I own very few perfumes. If you’re like me, you may find the rose scent in this cleanser a bit uncomfortable, although you could also get used it it after awhile. It has a mild delicate rose scent that fades away fast when you use it.

Despite the strong scent I didn’t experience any problem or skin irritations from the Low PH Rose Gel Cleanser. It’s effective at cleansing my face and at removing all my makeup when used with the First Wash Cleansing Oil. I also like that my face doesn’t feel dry or tight after wash (my common problem with facial cleansers). This is because it has a low PH level which makes the product gentle enough that it cleanses but doesn’t strip our skin off its natural oils.


in-her-element-skincare-review-03 in-her-element-skincare-review-05



Price P445

In Her Element’s Pure Squalane Facial Oil is one of the most minimalist products I’ve ever used. It’s Squalane Oil in a cute glass bottle. It’s a precious oil you can get from an olive tree that has tons of moisturizing and strengthening properties which makes this product multi-purpose.

I heard it can be used as a moisture booster when mixed with your moisturizer or foundation. I like to use it as a lip and eye bag area moisturizer and an eye makeup remover. Natural oils has always been a my favorite products to use to remove stubborn eye makeup. I’d love to use coconut oil but the scent is too strong for me, which is why I ended up really loving the Pure Squalane Facial Oil. It doesn’t have any strong scent, it removes my waterproof mascara effectively, and hydrates the area around my eyes. It’s also an effective lip balm. My lips are extremely prone to dryness and this is just as good as my other argan oil lip products.

PS. The Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer unfortunately didn’t work well with my skin, so I wasn’t able to use it long enough for me to write a helpful review on it. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which one is your favorite?

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