The rainy season is the closest thing we have to winter in the Philippines. So for those of you abroad, these candle scents may be a bit too early (consider this as my advance recommendations for winter). But for those of you who’s entering the flu season with me, it’s just about time.

Before the review though, just a quick reminder from your friendly neighborhood blogger, don’t forget to take your vitamins and flu shots! I neglected those and caught the flu yesterday gah! It’s a good thing I wrote my first impressions on these Bath and Body Works candles before my nose got stuffy.


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Mahogany Teakwood
will always be associated with the sexy musky scent of Abercrombie and Fitch’s store, which is then associated to hot men… abs… and naturally to Ryan Gosling amiright ladies! Fresh Balsam smells like a huge pine tree, which should remind you of Christmas — fun fact I’m allergic to pine trees. Then we have Mahogany Balsam which is basically a combination scent of both, i think this is an acquired taste that would cater to specific people only. If you like the first two scents mentioned then you’re gonna like this.

Sweater Weather smells like the cozy cologne of a cute boy you’ll meet in a cabin during the holidays, i love this scent. Twisted Peppermint smells exactly like its name. I didn’t expect I’d like it so much since minty scents throws me off balance but this smells more of a sweet candy cane (I own a set of it’s body care line). Lastly is Salted Caramel which smells like a homemade caramel drink and some popcorn.


bath and body works candle philippines manila review, where to buy bath and body works candle philippines manila review, where to buy


Be Joyful and Party Dress are like high-end perfumes meant for a beautiful classy woman. Be Joyful is more carefree, while Party dress is slightly more sophisticated. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl smells like a creamy caramel cake or maybe even a drink from Starbucks topped with whipped cream.

Merry cookie is one of my all-time faves — can you tell I’m in to bakery sweet scents? — this reminds me so much of cookie dough. Frosted cranberry is my Christmas scent cause it brings me back to this delicious Christmas ham cranberry sauce i love. Marshmallow fireside was I believe my first BBW candle scent ever, it’s also a crowd fave and it smells like a musky cozy marshmallow s’more. And lastly, BBW’s bestselling body care scent, Sweet Pea, which I think would be liked by a lot of you, it smells like fresh flowers.

Which of these are your top 3 Bath and Body Works candles? I hope this candle rundown helps you order your candles online. Philippine shoppers can get this @glitterboxph (instagram and ebay shop)

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