Budget Beauty: Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

This is the cheapest mascara I’ve ever used which, to be honest, is really exciting for me ’cause when it comes to buying mascaras, I like to save up as much as possible — mainly so i could use the extra money to splurge on a handful of MAC matte lipsticks and a few more Chanel blushes — budget priorities.


HyperCurl Volume Express

My options usually revolve around the popular Maybelline mascaras and, quite frankly, I’ve overlooked Hypercurl. My eyelashes are few and short but thankfully naturally curled, so I like to get my volume from Falsies and Colossal. I wouldn’t say Hypercurl is as volumizing as the two, but it won me over because it makes my lashes look a lot longer, feathery soft, and it holds its curl all day. You’re probably thinking — are you cray? how would you know it holds the curl if your lashes are already naturally curled?

My lashes are just noticeably more curled up (without using an eyelash curler) and it stays that way all day with this mascara on . You’ll notice this if you compare my old blog photos and the recent ones with HyperCurl. My bet is on its new gel formula, which to be honest took me some time to get used to. It feels really dry compared to Falsies. As soon as the wand touches and brushes up my lashes, the mascara dries up quickly and holds its position. It’s extremely light too so there’s nothing there to weigh the lashes down.


The Smudge Test

This is all I wore throughout June. I ran errands, went home to lay on my bed to rest (my ultimate eye makeup smudge test), then head out for dinner without having to retouch or clean up smudges. And just to give you more reassurance of how smudge proof this is, check out my smudge test results. You’ll see that the lashes on the right with Hypercurl mascara didn’t smudge compared to one of its competitors on its left. This was after I rub the “sweat simulating cream” all over both lashes — okay that sounded a little gross.

Honestly, for me it’s not the perfect mascara, but I’m still really impressed with it. I wish it was a little less dry and that it clumped up less. But I’m more than willing to overlook it for its price of P199 (around $5) and the smudge proof, long feather-like lash effect that holds all day.

*In collaboration with Maybelline