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It’s been raining for seven straight days guys! Bentley — my yorkshire terrier, aka my baby whos photo’s sealed in this charm bracelet — is going bananas. He couldn’t understand why he’s not allowed to take a stroll outside, so he blames me for it, haha! Meanwhile, were stuck at home and on my bedside table displayed is this charm bracelet. Thought it deserved to be stared at even when it’s not wrapped around my wrist, cause its just too damn pretty.

Mix and Match

To be honest I didn’t expect it to be this good. I’ve only gotten to know Soufeel when they asked if I would consider featuring their jewelry, so I approached the brand with caution. When you say charm bracelets the brands that pop into my head are the bank breaking Juicy Couture and Pandora — with charms ranging from P1,300 to P51,000 (28USD to 1000USD). Ouch!

Soufeel Jewelry is apparently already known among bloggers and vloggers to have strikingly good dupe, and very compatible charms with Pandora — at half the price! At this point I had to question the quality, and I couldn’t be more wrong cause the jewelry I received was more than what I expected. The silver was dense and the colored gems were extra sparkly. They are of course aren’t as sparkly as Swarovski crystals but you also wouldn’t mistake them for something cheap.

They have a charm for every hobby, interest, occasion… aye you’d be spending hours (or days in my case) narrowing down hundreds of them. I’m quite proud of all the charms I picked, but the single item I think every jewelry collector should own is this Crystal Heart Memorable Charm. They placed a tiny (and clear) picture of Bentley inside a charm — I love it so much!

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My Tips
Shopping at Soufeel

Soufeel always has sales for their past designs, seasonal designs promos, and even the new ones that are up for pre-order. You can also combine this with a coupon code. All my blog readers and guests are entitled to a 5% off coupon code — Shayne5 until October 1 this year if you decide to shop at Soufeel.

Their bracelets come in different sizes, just make sure to consider the space your charms will take up when picking the right one. The necklace pendants (which are sometimes cheaper) can double as charms. Just remember that not all shapes will stay up correctly, heart shaped charms tend to flip downwards cause its top part is heavier.

Soufeel ships internationally for free for a minimum purchase of $50. Philippine shoppers may have some problems with the customs so I suggest that you use a trusted freight forwarder company. Trust me, it’s a cheaper choice than risk of being unreasonably charged with high taxes by the customs. I’m actually working on an article on how bloggers and Philippine online shoppers can avoid this, cause I have tons of experiences to share, stay tuned :)

What photo would you keep in a Memorable Charm?


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*In collaboration with Soufeel


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