Last Beauty Haul Of The Year

How’s everyone? I really… really missed being here with you all (extra misses for those who’s blogs I follow — you know who you are). This is probably the longest break I’ve had from blogging. Long story short, my doctors discovered some problems in my body and I didn’t take the news so well, hence the blogging hiatus.

Quick Update

I’m Still Alive Guys!

It all started when I hurt my back. I had to go through a couple of lab exams, which revealed that a part of my spine is bulging and deteriorating. There’s no complete cure for it so it’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life. But there are ways to prevent it from getting worse — (one) I have to build muscles around its area, and (two) someone needs to hide all the chocolates from me.

It’s going to take awhile longer though cause there are movements I’m not allowed to do, but I’m still going for it nonetheless. Other than that, we also found some more complications inside my body (can’t go into details yet cause we’re still trying to detect what they are exactly).

I think in the end, there’s still good in all of it cause it pushes me to have a little bit more discipline in my life. I need to change my lifestyle, get more serious with working out at the gym — which by the way I’m enjoying a lot. It also helps and I definitely felt even more like myself after the Black Friday Sale (did you guys buy anything from the sale?). It’s going to take forever and a half for my purchases to arrive (cause it’ll leave US next year), so for now here are the stuff I got before the sale.

PS. Have you guys seen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?


More Deets On The Things That
May Have Caught Your Attention

Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set — this is a really good brush set to invest on for a start up brush set, and also for those who want to upgrade their tools. The brushes in general are in excellent quality, plus it’s cheaper compared to other high end brands like Sigma. (review here)

Fluff by Sumwear Co. Brush Egg Cleaner & Brush Guards — to be honest I don’t usually buy products like these cause I feel like I don’t really need them. But I am very pleased with it after using them twice. It makes cleaning my brushes easier, faster, and a lot more effectively.

Rosebud & Co. Strawberry Lip Balm — this is hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever used guys, you’ve got to try it. It’s also famous for being a great dupe for the expensive Dior Creme De Rose, which I was originally going to get.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Soft & Gentle — I’d only recommend this for those of you who like your highlighters a bit shimmery. It falls in between the shimmer and sparkly category. So if you’re into subtle highlighters then I suggest you go for The Balm’s Lou Manizers instead.

MAC Lipstick Craving — it’s a really beautiful muted berry shade. I feel like it will look good on a lot of girls, plus you can also blot it down into a soft lip color for a more MLBB-ish stain.

MAC Paint Pot Painterly — this is a good creamy base for eyeshadows, but I feel like it’s a tad too pink for my skin tone. I can easily work with it though, but in case you decide to look into this product MAC has another warm nude shade that you might wanna try also.

Kpalette eye liner — to be honest I haven’t really worn this. Although, I swatch tested it a couple of times and it’s basically the thinner, more precise version of my holy grail standard sized Kpalette eyeliner (review here).

Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum Matte Lipstick — the best matte lipstick formula I’ve ever worn. Crushed Plum is a very pretty and flattering dark berry shade. Girls who are into dark lipsticks will easily like it, but if you’re not at all used to bold colors you might find it too vampy.

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner — okay so this is a bit controversial for me… it’s as good as what most people say it is, but after months of using it, I discovered that on some rare situations it isn’t really smudge proof. I feel like the fact that it isn’t waterproof may have contributed to it.

Hope you find this not-so-little (had a lot of things bottled up inside haha) come back post. And before I sign out, I want to leave you with this beautiful Ed Sheeran song I’m currently obsessed with ♪ ♫ ♬Happy holidays!

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  • Rae says:

    Oh no… Take care. Ugh, guilty that I haven't been taking care of my health. :|

    Anyway, bobbi brown creamy matte is insane right?!?! If you like an MLBB color that is 100% opaque, try either Tawny Pink or True Pink. They'll cover your lips for sure.

  • Bisma Rauf says:

    Nice picks!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  • Victoria says:

    Heeeeeey. You're back! I hope you're feeling better :) Anyway, you got the Bobbi Brown matte lipstick naaaa! Isn't it great? Hihi. Can't wait to get my hands on some Zoeva brushes by next year :)

  • Pat says:

    Welcome back Shayne! I missed you!

  • The case is absolutely beautiful nice items doll

  • Diana says:

    Ohhhhh you're back!
    I'm so sorry about your spin-issue :c I hope that you can get better – or at not getting worse :/
    The brushes <3 I really want/need to get the rose gold set! And those lipsticks <3 They look so pretty. And I'm happy that you got Painterly <3 Soft ocher is also a nice base shade :P

    I can't wait to read more posts from you again <3 (I'll be answering your comments now :P And study to some of my finals ;w; )
    Take care*

  • Juvy says:

    WB!!! Mac Craving & Rosebud Lip Balm are on my wishlist for a long time! Naku, I should get those na rin nga. Bwahaha! I hope that your health will be better and hope to see more of your posts soon! <3

  • Natasja says:

    Oh, beautiful products :) I've selected a couple of Bobbi Brown products that I wouldn't mind receiving as a gift during the holidays hihi. I've also selected my first Bobbi Brown lipstick.. Raspberry Shimmer.. a very unusual lip color.. with deep pink and golden shimmer. Just beautiful. Also, I wrote an article on Bobbi Brown's sparkle eye shadows.. and I've already found another that I'd like.. Silver Lilac. Such a beauty. My boyfriend was with me when swatching (poor thing) and he immediately liked that one. As did I ^^ Last but not least.. the shimmer brick in bronze. What do you think?! Your Zoeva brush set looks amazing.. and I need new brushes for my eyes, so I've been eyeing the site a bit :)

    Oh, btw, as you know, I'm happy you're back! x

  • Iqra says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your back :(
    love how you put the positive spin on it, I think we all need to start gyming more! When I miss a couple of days my whole routine seems to disappear. Loving the look of the much raved about Zoeva brushes! I'll hopefully be treating myself to some for my birthday next year ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  • Jhanz A. says:

    Hope you're doing better now! Thought you'd abandoned your blog na because i've been dropping by every now and then, and you don't seem to update at all. Anyhow, I do hope you've already recuperated. Looking forward to more of your posts soon!

  • Romana Ali says:

    Hope you feel better soon hun!

    Love this post <3

  • wow I am loving your blog, I am so glad I just found you
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  • Steph says:

    I hope you feel better soon sis! ♥ KPalette and MAC paint pot are on my wishlist, i think i'm gonna get 'soft ochre' soon. btw, I love that song of Ed Sheeran too!! :)

  • lamajesty says:

    Hope you're feeling better, Shayne! Ako din, on off ang pagblog cause I recently had surgery. :( Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

  • Paola Ysabel says:

    Welcome back, Shayne! Missed you and your blogs! I was actually starting to worry since you mentioned in your previous posts about your health problems. : I pray that things will be better soon, there's always hope. :)

    Happy holidays to you and your family! :)

    Paola // Resuscitate

  • Deborah says:

    Welcome back! I missed your posts! I'm sorry to hear about your back. Take care! Our health is really all we have!
    That said, I super duper love the MAC Paint Pot, though I agree with you, it's too pink for me as well. It has been a fantastic eyeshadow base though. I should check out the other things on this list. That Bobbi Brown matte lipstick sounds promising!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose and Pretty Clothes

  • Sakuranko says:

    Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set loooks great sweetie~

  • Kylie R. says:

    That's a great haul! <3 So sorry to hear about the complications you're experiencing with your body, but I love your positive outlook on it all! Hope you get better real soon. Missed reading your blog posts!

  • Anna says:

    Oh Shayne, I'm so sad to hear your news. I hope that you get stronger and heal soon! <3 Good vibes and thoughts your way dear friend! It's good to see you blogging again, I've missed your posts and lovely pictures! LOOOOVE that makeup traincase, it's absolutely adorable! The Rosebud Company lip balm in Strawberry is my all time FAVORITE lip balm, I won't use anything else, especially before bed! It works wonders! That egg brush cleaner thingy looks awesome! I've been looking for a brush cleaning tool to help really get into the bristles!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks rae! :) i will try those for sure when i visit bobbi brown makati (pati narin all the nars audacious lipstick). have you tried the shade red carpet?

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks vee! grabe ka addict yung pagka creamy nya plus it smells like chocolate pa for me. and yes go get the zoeva brushes <3 disappointing lang that luxola took it off their list of brands that can be discounted using coupons :/

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you pat! ^^ so sweet of you naman <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    it is! thanks jackie <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    good luck on your finals di! <3 i chose painterly over soft ochre cause painterly is a lot creamier and i feel like soft ocher will dry up faster :S but i might try it in the future, we shall see! thanks for recommending painterly! ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you sis! i appreciate it! <3 and yas they are nice, im pretty sure that youll like both of them, esp the rosebud lip balm since youre a fellow lipstick lover.

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha i can imagine the boyfriend scenario. my bf is a little OC when it comes to makeup so every time i swatch lipsticks on my arms he reminds me to remove them before i leave the counter ^^ i wanna try their eyeshadows and the shimmer brick bronze im only concerned that i wont use them very often cause they are shimmery and im in to mattes lately ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks iqra :) same here! omg i thought that was just me being extra sensitive with my gym schedule hehe. tbh i wish i could give everyone a set of rosegold zoeva brushes. every girl will love them, i really hope you get them for your bday <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you jhanz so nice of you naman! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks stef! welcome to my blog! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks sis! <3 ay kakilgi ng song noh ^^ plus they played at pa at the VS show. you have great taste talaga in everything!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    nako what surgery ito? i hope its nothing major and that youre feeling better na emae! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you sis! so nice to hear from you naman again ^^ and thanks for the concern :) i feel much better na, hopefully nothing serious yung iba. happy holidays to you as well!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    i feel like soft ochre will match most asian skintones so you might wanna try that :) although painterly has a better texture than any of the other mac paint pots so i dont mind it being a little too pink. have a feeling youll like the bobbi brown MLBB shades :) thank you deb, i missed your photos as well! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks sakuranko! nice to hear from you again ^^

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thanks kylie! so sweet of you! :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    thank you anna <3 aye you're right about using the balm before bed, it makes the lips extra soft when i wake up in the morning :) i just wish they had a shorter name for the lip balm hehe. not sure if sumwear co ships their egg brush internationally but in case they do ill let you know :)

  • Aww, Shayne! Take care! I hope you can feel and be better soon! Always stay positive and happy, life is too short to worry so much about things:) Welcome back:D I've missed you as well!

    I know what you mean about the Bobbi Brown Gel liner, I was a little disappointed. It's creamy and easy to put on, but the smudging, oh the smudging, I am not fond of at all. It smudges on my oily lids.

    What is that egg brush cleaner? How does it work? That looks so intriguing and it's pink!:D ahaha. I also want those brushes, they look so pretty and fluffy and soft..I want me som-a that.

    Post more Shayne! MORE:DD I love reading your blogs! Welcome back, again and take care^^

    ❤ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

  • akala ko kung saan ka na nagpunta but i wish you'll recover very soon and have more control with chocolates (ang hirap naman)
    Keep seeing that brush cleaner, effective? The traincase is really pretty!!!

  • Aww! I hope you get better soon. <3
    I really missed you! That train case is so pretty! (:

  • Oooo, that matte lipstick has my name all over it. It looks perfect for the holidays!

  • Christine Uy says:

    Hey sis! Awwww.. I was wondering were you where.. ganun pala nangyare.. I'm so sorry to hear about your health, it's always a struggle to accept something that's going to change our life, but I admire your strength and positivity sis. Not alot of people will turn a bad news into something empowering, I really admire that! On a brighter note, love all the goodies you got, the Bobbi Brown lippy is so festive, perfect for Christmas! MAC Soft and Gentle has been on my wishlist for the longest time, you made me want it even more =D and oommmgggg.. I've been wanting the Suesh traincase when I saw the photo last year in their facebook page, it's sooo pretty!! Gosh, can't wait to get my hands on it. I hope you're having a great holiday season sis,take lots of rest and enjoy the festivities :) I really missed reading your blogposts, I was checking regularly for updates! <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Angel E. says:

    oh no! take care shayne! hope you're doing well na :)

  • Welcome back Shayne! I'm so sorry to hear that you are undergoing health problems, I'm wishing you the best and I hope you are doing well. I have missed you loads. If you need anything do let me know.

    On a bright side of things, that train case is beautiful! And Zooeva makeup brushes are just.. .UHHH. Beautiful. I'm planning on investing more onto my brushes… they will last longer then my makeup so I'm thinking about getting a set from Zooeva.

    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  • Stephanie G says:

    I hope you feel better soon and be more motivated to work out Shayne! Kaya mo yan stay healthy ha! Grat buys by the way I'm lusting over those zoeva brushes!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aw thanks gorgeousness! and wow i didnt know it smudges a lot on some people. i thought it was only like that on extreme situations, tsk tsk. ill post a more in depth review on the brush egg soon :) and yas get the brushes! i think youll love the rosegold set even more <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hahaha nag – darl chocolate na lang ako if im really craving for it. at least hindi masyadong chocolatey hehe. not even sure if that counts ^^ the brush egg is very effective sis! i was skeptical at first but i ended up liking it a lot.

    Thank you! <3

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aw thanks lupe! missed you as well!

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aye it does have a feeling youll love this shade :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aw thank you sis! i appreciatez <3 i think youll like mac soft and gentle since you like sparkly makeup / sparkly things in general --- although it isnt really very sparkly more on a hint of shimmer that look kinda wet in a good way when applied :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    aw thanks pauline! i appreciate it <3 oh have you seen the zoeva rosegold set? they released more brushes in that color lately :)

  • Shayne ♥ says:

    hehe thanks steph! aye go get, youll like it <3

  • Kate says:

    Amazing post !Would you like to follow each other?

  • I barely saw this post today! So glad to see a post from you, I've been missing you! <3 I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you are feeling better & that you recover. I am glad you are being positive with the whole situation. That's always very very important :) Please don't hesitate to let me know if you ever need help or if you just want someone to talk to! I'm here :D

    I'm looking forward to more posts from you in the future! <3

  • Hey Shayne, hope you're feeling all better now. :)

    All your hauls makes me want to get them too, haha! Happy holidays. :)

  • Rica Lanojan says:

    Oh gee! Sorry to hear that, take care with yourself always Shayne. We're just here for you. That's the reason pala why you haven't updated your blog. I pray for your recovery and I know that God is watching you.. Happy Holidays! And cheers for great year ahead of us.
    Best regards,

  • I need that K-palette micro liner in my life! :) thanks for sharing hahaha! Have a great year ahead Shayne!

  • Vanessa N says:

    SO I just realised this post is a month old….AND YOUR SPINE IS DETERIORATING??? WHAT??? O_O (I am seriously concerned for you and I hope you're not in serious pain? D: Hopefully the other complications aren't too serious! :( )

    Truth be told, I don't know how I feel about 2014's VS Fashion Show. Feels weird that there's two fantasy bras.

  • Awww, I've missed you here! I really hope everything gets better and that you'll feel a lot better soon! You've featured some products I really like. xoxo

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems, but you have to hang in there! Some things are for life and we really need to learn to adjust, so for that I wish you all the best. My doctor has always recommend me to build some muscles on my back and since most sports are very harsh and can make things worse, I have been swimming ever since I can remember!
    A very cool haul! I have to admit what caught my eye was the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish, that colour looks so gorgeous and I like shimmery highlighters, since my skin has been very dry this winter and not even the bb creams make it glow a bit…
    Kisses and take care of that back of yours and can’t wait to read your next post!

  • You don't really post regularly so I didn't catch the hiatus, but I'm so sad to hear about your health :( It can be pretty scary, especially since we're still a bit young. Please get well soon!

    This haul is making me HATE you (just kidding!). Can't wait for you to talk more in depth about them :)

  • Naaj Rona says:

    Hey stranger how you feeling now??? I'm so sorry to hear this but I know your a soldier and will get through this and come out stronger. But please more self discipline and taking care of yourself and less stressing out. Overthinking about things will only make it worse. Glad at least someone is enjoying the gym :D

    Hey I watched the VS show, it was FABULOUS. Thought about you cuz I know you are obsessed with Victoria Secrets.

    Please take care xxxxx

  • Love those pictures and that Mac lipstick! Let's follow each other on GFC and G+? :)

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