Last Beauty Haul Of The Year

How’s everyone? I really… really missed being here with you all (extra misses for those who’s blogs I follow — you know who you are). This is probably the longest break I’ve had from blogging. Long story short, my doctors discovered some problems in my body and I didn’t take the news so well, hence the blogging hiatus.

Quick Update

I’m Still Alive Guys!

It all started when I hurt my back. I had to go through a couple of lab exams, which revealed that a part of my spine is bulging and deteriorating. There’s no complete cure for it so it’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life. But there are ways to prevent it from getting worse — (one) I have to build muscles around its area, and (two) someone needs to hide all the chocolates from me.

It’s going to take awhile longer though cause there are movements I’m not allowed to do, but I’m still going for it nonetheless. Other than that, we also found some more complications inside my body (can’t go into details yet cause we’re still trying to detect what they are exactly).

I think in the end, there’s still good in all of it cause it pushes me to have a little bit more discipline in my life. I need to change my lifestyle, get more serious with working out at the gym — which by the way I’m enjoying a lot. It also helps and I definitely felt even more like myself after the Black Friday Sale (did you guys buy anything from the sale?). It’s going to take forever and a half for my purchases to arrive (cause it’ll leave US next year), so for now here are the stuff I got before the sale.

PS. Have you guys seen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?


More Deets On The Things That
May Have Caught Your Attention

Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set — this is a really good brush set to invest on for a start up brush set, and also for those who want to upgrade their tools. The brushes in general are in excellent quality, plus it’s cheaper compared to other high end brands like Sigma. (review here)

Fluff by Sumwear Co. Brush Egg Cleaner & Brush Guards — to be honest I don’t usually buy products like these cause I feel like I don’t really need them. But I am very pleased with it after using them twice. It makes cleaning my brushes easier, faster, and a lot more effectively.

Rosebud & Co. Strawberry Lip Balm — this is hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever used guys, you’ve got to try it. It’s also famous for being a great dupe for the expensive Dior Creme De Rose, which I was originally going to get.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Soft & Gentle — I’d only recommend this for those of you who like your highlighters a bit shimmery. It falls in between the shimmer and sparkly category. So if you’re into subtle highlighters then I suggest you go for The Balm’s Lou Manizers instead.

MAC Lipstick Craving — it’s a really beautiful muted berry shade. I feel like it will look good on a lot of girls, plus you can also blot it down into a soft lip color for a more MLBB-ish stain.

MAC Paint Pot Painterly — this is a good creamy base for eyeshadows, but I feel like it’s a tad too pink for my skin tone. I can easily work with it though, but in case you decide to look into this product MAC has another warm nude shade that you might wanna try also.

Kpalette eye liner — to be honest I haven’t really worn this. Although, I swatch tested it a couple of times and it’s basically the thinner, more precise version of my holy grail standard sized Kpalette eyeliner (review here).

Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum Matte Lipstick — the best matte lipstick formula I’ve ever worn. Crushed Plum is a very pretty and flattering dark berry shade. Girls who are into dark lipsticks will easily like it, but if you’re not at all used to bold colors you might find it too vampy.

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner — okay so this is a bit controversial for me… it’s as good as what most people say it is, but after months of using it, I discovered that on some rare situations it isn’t really smudge proof. I feel like the fact that it isn’t waterproof may have contributed to it.

Hope you find this not-so-little (had a lot of things bottled up inside haha) come back post. And before I sign out, I want to leave you with this beautiful Ed Sheeran song I’m currently obsessed with ♪ ♫ ♬Happy holidays!

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