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Hi guys! So I’ve been dragging my lazy ass to the gym lately. My body is still adjusting to it, which is why I had little time to go online. I’m either at the gym trying not to faint while lifting very beginner level weights… or I’m at my bed dead tired trying not to laugh at my boyfriend’s jokes cause my abs belly hurts like hell when I do.

It’s mostly for medical reasons (thyroid, depression, and back issues) but it’s also a huge stretch for me emotionally. Had to Spotify my way out of my fear of falling off the treadmill and other gym anxieties.

Luckily, my trainer is very patient and the program seems to be working well. This is probably small compared to what most people could do, but I’m very proud to say that I can now plank for twenty seconds! I could only do five seconds on my first day. *QUEUE DRAKE’S SONG… started from the bottom now we here! *


Would You Wear Makeup At The Gym?

Anyway I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you. What are your thoughts on using makeup at the gym… or during yoga , aerobics, boxing, wrestling… Is it inappropriate?

Yesterday I was browsing for products to contain my frizzy hair when I work out (sweat and humidity brings out the untamed beast in me) and I stumbled on some controversial discussions. Apparently some guys and girls condemn other women who wear makeup at the gym, and then there are also those who are okay with it. In fact some people even wear a full makeup during training.

I personally don’t mind it if there are people who wears full on makeup during work out. I wear concealer on my under eye areas and an MLBB lipstick stain just so I don’t look like a zombie. So I understand why someone would want to do it.

Not sure if I would feel comfortable wearing full makeup tho. I’d probably be very paranoid that the makeup will melt all over my face. But I’m still interested at which products could withstand the stress from working out. What do you think? Would you wear makeup to your work out? Does it bother you that other girls do?