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Hi guys! So I’ve been dragging my lazy ass to the gym lately. My body is still adjusting to it, which is why I had little time to go online. I’m either at the gym trying not to faint while lifting very beginner level weights… or I’m at my bed dead tired trying not to laugh at my boyfriend’s jokes cause my abs belly hurts like hell when I do.

It’s mostly for medical reasons (thyroid, depression, and back issues) but it’s also a huge stretch for me emotionally. Had to Spotify my way out of my fear of falling off the treadmill and other gym anxieties.

Luckily, my trainer is very patient and the program seems to be working well. This is probably small compared to what most people could do, but I’m very proud to say that I can now plank for twenty seconds! I could only do five seconds on my first day. *QUEUE DRAKE’S SONG… started from the bottom now we here! *


Would You Wear Makeup At The Gym?

Anyway I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you. What are your thoughts on using makeup at the gym… or during yoga , aerobics, boxing, wrestling… Is it inappropriate?

Yesterday I was browsing for products to contain my frizzy hair when I work out (sweat and humidity brings out the untamed beast in me) and I stumbled on some controversial discussions. Apparently some guys and girls condemn other women who wear makeup at the gym, and then there are also those who are okay with it. In fact some people even wear a full makeup during training.

I personally don’t mind it if there are people who wears full on makeup during work out. I wear concealer on my under eye areas and an MLBB lipstick stain just so I don’t look like a zombie. So I understand why someone would want to do it.

Not sure if I would feel comfortable wearing full makeup tho. I’d probably be very paranoid that the makeup will melt all over my face. But I’m still interested at which products could withstand the stress from working out. What do you think? Would you wear makeup to your work out? Does it bother you that other girls do?


  • Audrey C. says:

    Personally, I never wear makeup while exercising because I don't want to exacerbate any skin issues I have (acne, for example). Also, I usually shower right after, so it'd all get washed off anyway!
    I used to judge girls who wore makeup to the gym, but nowadays I don't have the time or energy to judge other people so much. :P If you need it to help you get out there and get moving, who cares?

    Congratulations on your accomplishments! Exercise can be just as mental as it is physical, so it's hard just to get started sometimes. <3

  • Best of luck with the gym cool image of you I never wear makeup to the gym. Have a great weekend.

  • Natasja says:

    I'm proud of you :) and you should be too! No need to compare yourself with others, hm?! Whether it is “appropriate” to wear make up to the gym or not.. I suppose, why should it not be? Unless your make up starts dripping off of your face or something.. BUT I, personally, don't care about wearing any make up at the gym (when I went.. a long time ago) because I'll be sweaty, out of breathe and feeling icky, anyways. So, what's the point? I think you should think about why you feel the need to wear make up even at the gym.. what you are really doing it for.. and then decide for yourself :) Keep up the hard work!x

  • I can't wear foundation while working out but I usually have on mascara and maybe a tinted moisturizer on

  • Diana says:

    You just reminded me that I need to work on my Halloween post! I haven't one it because of school work and other projects, but yours looks so cute <3
    And I hope that you are okay T_T anxiety and depression can be really hard on any one.

    As for the Makeup thing…seriously, it's just that person's business. Some instances Imagine someone who works all day and goes strait to the gym – that people won't bother about takin the make at that instance. Or even better, I have a friend who is studdying drama and theater at University in the UK and they need to wear makeup during their dance classes, because their professors expect them to always look polished no matrer what. I know, it can be quite brutal but in the end of the day, it's that person's business.

    I haven't been wearing much make up these days, mostly a lot a of concealer because we got a really super hot week and I've been quite tired and not bothering too much about it. Just like you : concealer and a bit of lipstick. And I'm okay with that.

    anyway, if you are okay with yourself, that's what matters <3
    Take care dear :3

  • jenn f says:

    i really don't care what other ppl have on their faces, if they want to sweat through their foundation, that's there problem haha. and i'm there to work out. not to look good. so i don't ever wear any makeup. besides, its only me and the weights. thats all that matters. oh and my trainer. but they're gonna judge me on how many reps i can do and now what mascara i have on.

    A Beautiful Zen

  • Shayne, I admire you for battling your gym anxieties and pushing yourself to keep going! That's a huge improvement, so congrats!! :)

    I go to yoga classes weekly and try to go running every other morning, even though sometimes I get too lazy to! haha. To answer your question : When I workout I usually wear a little bit concealer in any of my troublesome spots and then some tinted lip balm. :)

  • Victoria says:

    I think it'd be okay, basta wag masyadong makapal. Okay na siguro yung lightweight foundation, concealer (if needed), brows (gonna have some brows hahaha) then lipstick. Malagkit din kasi siya sa pakiramdam pag pinagpawisaan na e.

    Anyway, congratulations! Achievement na yan, gurl! Especially given that you're dealing with gym anxieties! Proud of you! :)

  • First of all, I don't go to the gym. Hehe. But if ever I do, I'll probably just put on a powder and lipstick so I wouldn't look pale. I'd be surprised if I see someone wearing a full-on makeup but I'm not one to judge. If people feel good about it, then why not?! :)

  • Rainbow N says:

    wow, I wish I had the will to do something when I don't feel like doing it… so well done.
    As for the makeup I think it's what everyone prefers. I don't like wearing makeup because I feel my skin is just ew afterwards and I jump in the shower anyway, but I think it's a personal choice and what you feel comfy in :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  • just can't imagine myself wearing make up at the gym or whenever exercising haha….


  • I wouldn't wear full face makeup to the gym just because I'd be worried that foundation + sweating would = breakouts galore. No judgement if other people do though … if it makes them feel better then whatever!

  • Lily says:

    Good on you for attending the gym darl! I've been contemplating for 7 months now… deciding whether it would be more worthwhile for me to invest my time and money in this “gym” thing… or food. It's been a hard road.. but ive decided that I will go swimming… soon, but the thought of little kids peeing in the pool and the fact that I'm spending my time off work soaking and paddling around various 8 yr old's urine turns me off.

    I usually only wear concealer while I'm exercising, I hate wearing a lot of makeup during summer, it melts of my face, I feel sticky and all I want to do is splash my face with water over and over!

  • Louise Banta says:

    I can imagine the pain. Though I haven't really enrolled in a gym program, I've tried doing sit-ups in the morning & evening and I know that belly pain! Hehe.

    I guess simple make-up like yours (concealer & lip tint) is acceptable. I think the issues are with other girls who seem to be just going to the gym to attract guys or just look beautiful (and have something to post in their social media).

    Louise of The Legendary Ukayista | Bloglovin'

  • I wouldn't put make-up on just to go. But if I'm already wearing some I would just leave it on. But then again, I don't wear much make-up ^^

    x Aurélie

  • foodworldme says:

    Cuuuuute Halloween makeup! <3

    I look like a boy at the gym. Personally, no makeup for me because I am a heavy sweat-er and I'm afraid the makeup will just get stuck in my pores and make things worse. I don't even have feminine gym clothes and my sports bra flattens me out. Like I said, I probably look like a boy. As for makeup on others, I just think, “I hope it doesn't get stuck on your pores.” Haha.

  • Juvy says:

    I want to lose weight, or be on my healthy weight too! Congratulations! I personally want at least my eyebrows fixed, a lip balm, and a tinted moisturizer or concealer. I will be more comfortable that way. I don't want to look more haggard while working hard for that abs! :-)

  • aki! says:

    It's a mix with me. If I'm working out after work, I'm certainly not going to remove my makeup before going. At the same time, I'm not likely to go put on anything before working out either.

    7% Solution

  • OMG SHAYNE. I JUST PREPARED MY NEXT BLOGPOST CAT OUTFIT. I'm wearing black kitty ears too! I just posted a picture of it on my personal instagram xD We are so in sync right now. AHAHAHAHAHA.

    Whenever I actually drag my tushy to the gym (which is very rare) in the clubhouse just in my building (see how lazy I am?), I have mascara, concealer under my eyes and tinted lip balm on:) I would die if I had to exercise with anything on my face even if it's a tinted moisturiser because I'll really sweat and then I have to wipe and just knowing that my face stuff is there mixed with my sweat, no I cannot stand that. ahahaha, but I don't mind at all if women (or men) wear a full face of make up to the gym, it's on myself that I do:)

  • p.s. Good luck on the gym training and always take care:)

  • awww the epitome of cute and cool sis!!! I'm getting crazy can't get this look out of my head ever since I saw this on ig..I wanna be a cat for halloween tooo!!!!! ahhh meow,meow <3

  • Nina says:

    I hope you feel better soon and good job with keeping with it! So I don't go to the gym but all my friends do and none of them wear makeup when they do but honestly I don't think it's a problem if people do because it's there choice. I don't like people bring down others because they don't like what they are doing, it's there choice and if they like it or it makes them feel better then go. But yeah that just my opinion, be happy and healthy my dear! :)


  • Deborah says:

    Interesting question – I personally don't wear makeup when exercising because I sweat it right off (my workouts get intense) so there's no point for me. That said, I honestly don't care too much what other people do – everyone should do what they are most comfortable with and as long as they are not hurting anyone, no one should judge them.

    Good for you for going to the gym! I think when I first started working out regularly, it was so hard that first few weeks. Once it becomes a routine, it gets a lot easier. A 20-sec plank is quite impressive! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  • Kylie R. says:

    I'm okay with people wearing full makeup at the gym. To each their own, right? Personally, I'd probably not wear any makeup when working out just 'cos I'd feel like sweat + makeup will cause me to break out.

    Love that cat headband btw!


  • Hollie says:

    it's good to know that you now have regular gym sessions. Regarding your question. I personally don't like to apply makeup when going to the gym, but I just fix my brows and apply tinted lip balm during my Yoga or Zumba sessions, just so I'd look more alive. Sometimes, I literally just go bare faced. I don't apply any kind of face makeup not even a concealer, coz I wipe my face all the time since I'll be sweating a lot.

    I honestly don't mind if other women like to wear full on makeup at the gym, but they look ridiculous IMO. I guess some women just can't go out of the house bare faced. To each his own.

  • Jhanz A. says:

    Good luck with your gym routine!!! :) I don't really wear make up while working out because I feel like it would cause more breakouts, but to each his own, right? :)

    Lovin' that cutiepatootie headband!

  • Stephanie G says:

    I used to do martial arts every week and I do put on eyebrow pencil and concealer I don't want to look beat up before training :) I even had long nails with nail art and I kept checking if I broke a nail. HAHA. but i discovered my skin looked best after because all the sweating is good for your body and it gives me a natural blush. So I don't mind girls who wear makeup in the gym butt if the makeup stayed on after a full work out I might ask her hat products she used :-D

  • Rica Lanojan says:

    Oh gee! how i miss reading your blog! it so nice to be back! I love your eyeliner! and the headband looks really cute. On your question, well I guess if that's what make her comfortable then I have nothing against it. It's her risk by the way, kung magmukha syang ewan pagkatapos nyang mag lift ng mga weights or pagpinapawisan na xa. Maybe a cheek tint, powder and brow will do but full makeup, I guess it's inappropriate. :)

  • I once wear some makeup in my yoga class and I regret it, the sweat mixed with the melting makeup is deadly to my eyes….it stings but i don't mind people wearing full makeup on as long as they rock it :D

  • I don't wear makeup to the gym but then I don't really go to one. Haha tamad lang. But I don't condemn anyone who wants to.

  • Steph says:

    I love this look sis! You can pass as Catwoman na hihi <3 I think concealer + lip and cheek tint is okay. I hope you're having fun, stay healthy sis! :)


  • pretty make up on you dear and bout your question, I personally don't wear make up when at the gym, imagining the sweat after all the sessions for the day? naykupo! haha…


  • Rae O. says:

    Shayne! That's a good enough reason not to be online so much.

    Oh, and I sometimes wear makeup to exercise to test out the sweatproofness of products.

    And, since you're not actively bothering anybody, wearing makeup is none of anyone's business

  • Lovely collection here, I especially NARS ^^

    Also love the cat ears in your photo, so adorable!!!!

    The lip colour is very charming!!

    恵美より ♥

  • Christine Uy says:

    Aww.. it's so nice that you're looking after your health sis, ok lang yan, you can do it! It's overwhelming at first but you'll get used to it once you figure out your pace :) Just take your pre and post workout meals so your body won't hurt too much, need lots of protein to repair and build lean muscles :) I don't like wearing makeup at the gym coz I dont' feel the need.. and sweaty, dripping makeup is not pretty! hehe. Adorable cat ears headband sis!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  • Paola Ysabel says:

    Hi Shayne! :) It's good to hear you're going to the gym! I started boxing a couple of months ago (coerced by my boyfriend) to lose weight and stay healthy (I'm a diabetic, you see). I sometimes end up wearing eyeliner to the gym because I forget to remove it after work. My only concern is if it'll smudge and thankfully it doesn't. :) But i try to avoid wearing makeup to the gym as much as possible for fear of breaking out!

    Paola // Resuscitate

  • Hurrah! congrats on working on your fitness! Goodluck! and keep up the good work! :) I don't mind people who wear makeup while exercising but I prefer not too since my pores are open and I prefer to let all the toxins out. I like seeing my red cheeks and sweaty face after a good workout also hehehe

  • Jo says:

    You look adorable with the cat ears. I have those too. But mine looks cheaper-looking from Daiso. Hehehe… You asked a question which would occasionally cross my mind! The fact is I do wear my usual daily make up when we have sport activities at work like long walks in nature reserves and parks and one-day sport events like ball games and classes. I would just sweat in them and only my eyeliner would smudge. As for specially leaving the house to engage n sports, I may or may not wear make up depending on the situation but I do realise that most of the times I do sports, I would already be in make up. Does that make me a shallow bimbo coz I know some snarky gals might gossip about wearing make up for sports but I don't really care. I would say go with what you feel comfortable with. The best judge would be your feelings.

    I recently wrote a blog post about getting to know my readers and blog friends. We have known each other on blogosphere for some time and I'm very curious to know more about you. Hence, I'm inviting you to the post to share with me more about yourself. It would be really interesting to hear from you and I hope to see you there. =)

  • Sophia Ton says:

    I really like your Blog. Your Photos are so nice!
    Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC? That were so cool :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx

  • F. Dia says:

    Your headband is so cute ^^

    Fatou B.


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