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I wish you all a blessed new year — full of makeup, chocolates, and Rebecca Minkoff bags guys. Have you seen the black, rose gold Mini Mac purse? — It — is — beauuutiful. Anyway, I wanted to show you my 2014 favorites today, but I’m stuck on narrowing them down still, so in the meantime… hello, my name is Shayne and my New Year’s resolution is to clean my brushes more often this year.


My Sleep Mask

Before that though, off topic — did you know that those little satin sleep masks could potentially harm the eyes? If you wear them tight overnight, you could wake up with painful, extremely light sensitive, itchy eyes. It took me about an hour to properly open them in my dim lit room, plus I had blurry vision for half the day. I’m completely okay now by the way, but ‘not gonna lie… I panicked like a little baby and thought I was going blind. It was a very dramatic afternoon for me and my dog. This doesn’t happen every time I use my mask though, just on that day. Moral of the story — careful not to tie those masks too tightly!


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Sumwear Co.’s Cute Lil’ Brush Egg
And Brush Guards

I’ve just invested on a really good set of brushes, so I couldn’t ask for a more perfect timing for Sumwear Co. to send off these brush aids to try out. TBH I wasn’t as interested in them initially, because they’re one of those things that I imagined I could do easily with out. But as I’ve been using them regularly, I’ve seen the difference they make in my cleaning routine and now I am personally willing to spend money for them.

See that EOS-lip-balm-looking Fluff Brush Egg? It removes makeup stains and dirt off my brushes a lot better than I would if I kept swiping my brushes through my palms multiple times. If you wash your brushes mano-mano style like I do, your palm is going to thank you for using the Egg instead. It also cuts the effort and time I usually spend into half.

Fluff Brush Guards are basically tubes made out of net that expand to fit the size of any makeup brush. My friend who’s a makeup artist, stores each of her brushes inside these Guards at all times because it helps retain the brush’s shape. She’s on another level when it comes to being organised though (in other words, someone’s too lazy to do the work). I only make my brushes wear these little nets right after I deep clean them. It’ll lengthen the brushes’ drying time but it still is worth the extra time of wait.

PS. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bentley and I :)

My Cleansers For When I
Deep Clean & Spot Clean My Brushes

There are a lot of soaps, shampoos, and DIY cleansers that you could use to clean your brushes, but the #1 product that I recommend with all my heart would have to be this yellow Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I’ve seen a lot of girls use the same shampoo for their brushes because it’s easily accessible, inexpensive, gentle, it smells good, it does it’s job really well, and most especially it reminds me of cute babies taking a bath.

Although I’ve also tried Bath & Body Work’s Winter Cranberry Foaming Handsoap a few times (a Christmas present from a dear friend). I’ve seen YT gurus rave about BBW’s anti-bacterial handsoaps as brush cleansers so I had to try. My brushes were clean and glorious smelling afterwards, but I gotta say Johnson’s still wins the trophy for washing off stains more effectively.

Guys, shameful confession… I’ve never properly spot cleaned my brushes til a month ago. I use HD Makeup Studio’s Quick Drying Professional Brush Cleaner / Sanitizer (whew that’s a mouthful! This is also a Christmas present from the most organized friend ever), take note of the quick drying part because that is what makes this spot cleaning spray number one in my book (although technically it’s the only one I’ve really used haha). It’s anti-bacterial, it smells like it’s possibly the cleanest water in the world, and I can quickly use it on my dirty blending brush — wait a few minutes — after that I have a clean brush to use right then and there. I like it so much that I tidy up my makeup containers with it as well.


Where To Get Them

You can order the Brush Egg & Brush Guards from Sumwear Co.’s website. I’ve also seen these from other stores but I gotta say that pink Fluff Brush Egg is the cutest one I’ve came across with. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is easily available at the drugstore/groceries. Bath & Body Works Handsoap from BBW and locally at Ebay or other IG Stores. HD Makeup Studio Spot Cleansing Spray is exclusively available at HD Makeup Academy in Ortigas — Have you tried these? Do you have any other brush cleaning products to recommend?


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