Argent Makeup Brushes

Hello! Yep, here I am again with another post on makeup brushes. I promise you this is going to be the last one for the month ;) Whenever I receive products for review (which tbh really doesn’t happen a lot), I get a little anxious because if it isn’t something I’d like to recommend it usually doesn’t get published and that makes me feel uneasy, not to mention might make me seem like a big snob.

But since I don’t get to blog as frequently as I want to, I become extra choosy of the things I show you here. So I usually end up reaching for products I’m really passionate about, which is why I’m very pleased to introduce you to these brushes.


My Favorite Blending Brush For Small Hooded Lids

They came from Argent Makeup Brushes, which from what I’ve heard is Portugal’s first makeup brush brand and it’s created by a fellow beauty blogger. Their brushes are successful in Portugal so they’re now trying to branch out internationally.

Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and jump on the brush that made me go gaga over this brand. It doesn’t look like much but I can honestly say that Argent’s 201 Classic Eye Makeup Brush is by far the best eye makeup blending brush I’ve ever come across. I reach for it even more than my Zoeva brushes which btw are also great.

The reason for that is because of how flexible and soft this brush is compared to the other eye makeup brushes I’ve tried. Something about it makes blending eyeshadow colors easier, it’s size also fits my small lids and creases perfectly. I can’t really explain this well enough to you but my eyeshadow looks thrice as pretty whenever I use this brush.

Argent’s 102 Classic Contour / Blush Brush is a half size, super soft, and more flexible version of Real Technique’s buffing brush. Definitely one of those multi-purpose brushes. I prefer to use a firmer brush for contour, so this ends up being designated as one of my blush brushes.

The main disadvantage I could see from purchasing from Argent would have to be the shipping fee, especially if you’re ordering from outside Europe. Customs and customs fees can also be a downer. But if you have a way to get passed all that and if you’re okay with the extra charges, these are worth checking out. Most especially their 201 Classic Eye Makeup Brush, which I consider my brush gem :)

PS: Have you seen the new episodes of Once Upon A Time??