Tools Of The Trade : Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set

Hello hello! I feel like I haven’t written anything for centuries. I just spent hours mind blank in front of my laptop, trying to come up with a decent introduction lol. Anyway, how has everyone been doing?

If you recall, a year ago Sigma was the reigning brand for makeup brushes. I was set on getting their Bunny Kit but then I found a cheaper alternative with the same quality ― Zoeva’s Luxe Complete Brush Set. It is still almost as expensive as Sigma, but Zoeva offers (3) more brushes and a bad ass looking leather pouch, it won my heart over

Thanks to Juvy, Tellie, and Liz for your recommendations! :)

To start with, it’s a really good makeup brush set. I wish I knew I’d enjoy makeup this much years ago. I would’ve loved if I had invested on these brushes right away. Here’s a quick run down on them!


The Face Brushes

Do you remember Real Technique’s buffing brush we all love? Silk Finish is a much better version of it. Zoeva should’ve included three of this in the set! It’s very multi-purpose. I mostly use it for a fuller foundation coverage or to apply my bronzer. Concealer Buffer is like a mini version of Silk Finish. What I like most about this brush is that it’s soft enough to dab concealer with, and it blends better than the usual flat concealer brush.

Face Definer goes along well with the Hourglass Dim Light powder. It’s slightly pointed tip makes it easier to apply makeup on the little corners of my face (btw this brush gets fluffier after the first wash). I use Luxe Highlight to apply highlighter on the temples of my cheeks, while Luxe Cheek Finish is a flat-ish blush brush which I personally prefer more than a those really fluffy ones because it gives me more control of how much and where I want to apply the blush.


The Eye Brushes

Ok so Zoeva decided we need more crease brushes in our lives. Probably because they know we don’t wash our brushes regularly, so they gave us extras for the times we need a clean one to blend in eye colors. Personally I wish they changed Defined Crease (I use this the least) and gave us a Stippling brush instead (I had to buy it separately).

Smoky Shader is one of my lid brushes, Soft Crease is my designated clean blending brush, while I use Soft Definer and Petit Crease for a more detailed eye look. But my ultimate favorite and the best eye brush from the bunch, would have to be the black pointed Crease Brush. It blends nicely and fits perfectly in my crease.

Two brushes that I haven’t used that much yet is their Fine Liner and Wing Liner. But I’ll be experimenting with these as soon as my first ever gel eyeliner arrives. Meantime I’m happily stuck with my liquid liners and this Luxe Pencil I use for softly lining eyeshadow near my waterline. Lastly, their Brow Liner, which I use to fill in my brows.


Good Deals For Zoeva Brushes

I got a whooping PHP1600 (USD35) discount off this brush set from Luxola. Try using the code LX-LIZ (25% off, code from Liz) and LUCKY30 (30% off). It should apply to other products as well, and If these codes don’t work anymore you can always wait for their weekly discount promos :)

And guys they have the Zoeva Rosegold Brush Set! I ALMOST DIED. It only has 8 brushes so I didn’t get the set, but hey it’s good enough for some girls. If Zoeva releases a complete Rosegold set this holiday (which i have a feeling that they would) I might just burst into tears.

PS: Any suggestions where I can find a good brush cup holder?



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