Top 10 : Half Year Favorites

Remember when I used to blog my monthly favorites on a regular basis? It was my way of coming out of my big-shell-of-insecurity by posting pictures of myself (thanks for tolerating them) I haven’t done one in awhile because there are months that I don’t have any products I love enough to share with you.

But since half of the year has already passed, it’s a good time to sit down and filter out the really good stuff I’ve collected so far. Things I think that are worth your time to check out next time you hop to the mall. I won’t be including those that were on my last year’s favorites but you can also check that out later if I haven’t exhausted you yet from reading this post :)

skincare & base makeup

“No matter how much makeup you put on your face,
it won’t be as good if your base (a.k.a. skin) is bad to begin with”.

If there was one thing that got stuck in my head the first time I met a professional MUA, this was it. He made me feel the need to (painfully) up my budget for skincare, hence the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Guys, it’s a miracle make-my-face-glow-now serum. It’s amazing on the skin that I actually feel more confident not to wear makeup more often.

I also have NARS Laguna Bronzer, which is as good as my old favorite Benefit Hoola (comparative review soon). It’s my go-to whenever I want a slightly sun-kissed skin. Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer is a high end quality concealer trapped in a drugstore body (a great bargain). And lastly is the Hourglass Dim Light Powder (yup not the entire palette), it’s true what the gurus are saying guys, it really creates that photoshop blur effect on the face.

eyes lips face

Does anybody else have puffy eyelids like mine? My lids can magically make my eyeshadow disappear… I simply look straight and POOF they’re gone, which is why I’m not a big eyeshadow gal. But still, I think these two palettes are worth investing on. TheBalm’s Nude Tude Palette is a good everyday day-or-night palette, while Naked 3 “Rosegold” Palette is something extra special for girly-er days. I’ve also been using my Lancome Hypnose Mascara (deluxe sample) and this is probably the best volumizing and lengthening mascara I’ve ever tried so far.

Even though I wear mostly red lipsticks on my blog pics (cause they make me look like I’m 100 times smarter), IRL i wear MLBB / natural shades waayy more often. The two best ones I have now are MAC Brave Lipstick and Urban Decay Fiend Lipstick these are like Pokemons to me. I just really wanna collect them all corny.

Lastly, Burberry Light Glow Blush Peony. Even though I feel a sharp pain in my wallet everytime I see it, I still love it. It’s a beautiful barely-there pink blush and its packaging is DIVINE, a choir of angels sing in my head whenever I take it out of my pouch.


psst.. a local blog sale

I didn’t want to bother you all and publish this as a single blog post because I know that you’re from different countries. So I borrowed Tellie’s idea and placed it on a separate page instead. For anyone who’s interested, Genzel and I are having a mini blog sale and you can take a look at it here :)



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